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HOW cashed web

How to cash money web

Some types of online earnings suggest getting a fee in the form of e-currency. Many goods and services can be paid directly by them.

Often, however, required to obtain earnings in the form of cash.



Before cashing electronic currency,think about whether it is possible to buy your desired product or service directly behind her. The Commission will in this case lower, and the time you spend considerably less.


If you do decided to redemptionfunds from the eWallet, first obzavedites debit card of any bank, as well as SIM-card "Beeline" mobile operator. Remember that the service is provided only on the territory of the Russian Federation.


On account of its electronic wallet refillaccount owned by your SIM-card, connected to the operator "Beeline". The method for performing this operation depends on what kind of electronic payment system you use (eg, WebMoney, «Yandex").


Go to the next page:

Type in the top field her SIM-card number above. Press the "Get Password".


After receiving an SMS-message with a one-time password,enter it in the bottom input field. Turn on the check box "I agree to the terms of service," pre-reading these conditions. Key "Enter" will turn orange. Click on it.


Enter in the appropriate fields of translation amount (from500 rubles), his surname, first name and number of your existing credit card. Be sure to enter the correct data: surname, name and patronymic of the recipient must always belong to the card holder. These data are checked. Press "Pay".


Follow the instructions of the system. Periodically check the flow of funds to the account (minus commissions) using the ATM of the bank, which is attached to the card. Remember that other banks ATMs often allow only withdraw funds, but do not check the balance.


After receipt of funds on the card account, remove them from it, using the same ATM.

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