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HOW cash profit

How to cash profit

Unaccounted cash is often used by businesses for a variety of purposes, including even bribes to officials.

Profit Cashing also helps to reduce the charges to the budget and extra-budgetary funds, helps to compensate for the VAT, to make payment at lower rates for goods and services.

It is very important to cash out money without attracting attention to company law and tax authorities.



Withdraw cash through the enterprisewithdrawals from the current account cash for the purchase of agricultural products, electricity bills and utilities, buy low-value items for a company or a business trip. Remember that by law such calculations are limited to the amount of up to 60 thousand rubles.


Concluded bogus contracts for the provision of the companyvarious services by individuals and individual entrepreneurs. It is best to use this repair work or consulting services.


Sign the certificate of completion on the basis ofwhich the company is entitled to the transfer of funds and their subsequent cashing. This method gives the company certain tax advantages. The fact that the costs for a fictitious contract work can be included in the company's expenses and thus reduce taxable income. Be sure to keep in mind when drawing up the contract the average market price of such work, so as not to attract the attention of the fiscal authorities to a fictitious agreement.


Withdraw significant amounts you canby concluding obviously impracticable contract of sale with pre-paid long-term. Advance payment to be paid by the buyer, in this case, shall be equal to the amount of withdrawals. This option is cash cashing convenient because of fictitious contracts prove quite complex, but in its duration can result in 10 years, when even the most meticulous tax inspectors are unlikely to find something.


Sign up with another company with a fictitious contractstringent conditions for liability. Make an act of non-compliance of works, non-delivery of products purchased or refusal specified in the contract obligations. On the basis of this document, there is the removal of profits from the current account to a fine or a penalty payment.

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