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Children love to watch cartoons, but in recent years their subjects are forced to think about what you can show the kids, and what not.

Recently, parents are giving their preference to domestic cartoons, and not foreign. The fact is that the Russian subjects of animated films a good and instructive.

Now, "Masha and the Bear" at the peak of popularity. This is a modern adaptation of the good old fairy tale about a little girl and a bear. However, in this animated series Masha friends with a huge beast, and he is her protector. Interest in the picture caused by the fact that its main character - the stereotype of the modern child. It is very emotional. Multipliers have tried their best, as on the face of the girl shows all of the emotions and fun, and resentment, and fear.

Another popular modern cartoon -"Luntik." Many parents feel free to show it to their children, as the plot of the animated series kind and instructive. In each series, the child may find himself something new and interesting, for example, in the first series of the baby learns that a "name", who are "friends" how to say hello at the meeting.

In addition to modern cartoons, we can safelyshow your child the Soviet pattern, such as "Santa Claus and Summer", "12 months", "Winnie the Pooh", "A kitten named Woof", "Mother to baby mammoth" and many others.

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