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How to make a bank transfer


How to make a bank transfer</a>

Bank transfer is a method of transferring a certain amount of money from one person to another through various payment documents (checks, orders, etc.).

Situations when people resort to bank transfer, a lot, so this service in our time is quite popular.



In order to send a bank transfer,Contact the bank nearest you. As a rule, all credit institutions carry out similar operations. In this case, you can send money by opening an account with a bank, or send a transfer without opening an account.


Know that if you need to send a transferWithin one bank, for example, Sberbank, and the recipient has the opportunity to apply to his office for the payment of the transfer, then it is more profitable for you to transfer money from your account to the account. The commission within one bank is taken only once - when sending funds. The recipient does not have to pay for the transfer of money. If you are going to transfer funds to another bank, then the commission will be slightly larger. And besides, the recipient will have to pay for such a service.


If you decide to transfer money from your account toAccount, feel free to contact the bank operator. You will need to provide the surname, name, patronymic of the recipient, the account number to which the money transfer will be carried out, the bank details of the beneficiary, the amount and currency of the transfer. In addition, do not forget your passport and details of your account.


Decide which of the translations suits you best. There are urgent transfers when the money comes during the day, and the usual, in which the funds go to the beneficiary's account within three working days. In some banks there is a possibility to choose the commission payment. For example, you can pay a commission only for yourself, and the recipient will make money when receiving the transfer, or you can fully pay for this service.


After filling out all the necessary documents,Entering funds into the cashier, tell the recipient that the transfer was sent. He needs to come to the bank branch, where money was sent, taking his passport with him, and getting them.


Remember that there are also bank transfersWithout opening an account. These are transfers through special payment systems (Western Union, MIGOM, Unistream, etc.). The transfer of funds through them is very fast. After a few hours, the recipient has the opportunity to collect the money. However, you will have to pay for such promptness. The transfer fee is quite high: from 3 to 8% of the transfer amount.


In order to send money in this way,Contact the bank and provide details of the person to whom you send money, as well as the city and country where it will receive them. You will have to fill out a special form, in which you must specify your data.


Then give the cashier the necessary amount of money andYou will receive a confirmation from the operator that the funds have been sent. Inform the recipient of the number and amount of the transfer so that he can receive money at any branch of the bank.

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