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AS a bank transfer

How to make a bank transfer

Bank Transfer - is a way to transfer a sum of money from one person to another through a variety of payment instruments (checks, orders, etc.).

Situations when people resort to bank transfer, a lot, so this service is presently quite popular.



In order to send a bank transfer,please contact your nearest bank. As a rule, all credit institutions perform similar operations. With this you can send money, opening a bank account, or send a money transfer without opening an account.


Be aware that if you need to send moneywithin the same bank, for example, the Savings Bank, and the recipient has the opportunity to apply to an office for the payment of the translation, you will bring more benefits to transfer money between accounts. Commission within one bank take only once - when sending funds. The recipient does not have to pay for the transfer of money. If you want to transfer funds to another bank, the commission rate will be slightly higher. And in addition, to pay for this service and have the recipient.


If you decide to transfer money from one account toaccount, feel free to contact the bank operator. You will need to communicate the name, first name, account number, which will be transfer, bank details of the recipient, amount and currency. Also, do not forget your passport and details of your account.


Decide which of you is more appropriate translation. There is urgent translations, when the money comes in for the day, and regular, for which the funds are at the payee's account within three working days. In some banks, there is a choice of commission payment. For example, you may pay a commission only for himself, and the receiver will make money in the preparation of the transfer, or you can fully pay for this service.


After filling in all necessary documents,deposit money to the cashier, tell the recipient that the translation has been sent. He needs to come to the bank branch where the money was sent, taking with him a passport, and get them.


Remember that there are also bank transferswithout opening an account. It transfers through special payment systems (Western Union, MIGOM, Unistream, etc.). Transfer of funds through them is very fast. Already after a few hours the recipient has the ability to pick up the money. However, for such efficiency will have to pay. Transfer fee is quite high: from 3 to 8% of the amount transferred.


In order to send money this way,contact the bank and provide human data that you send money, as well as city and country where he will receive them. You will have to fill out a form in which you must specify and your data.


Then give the cashier the necessary amount of money andoperator for confirmation of sending funds. Tell the recipient number and transfer the amount to the money he was able to get in any branch of the bank.

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