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How do you spend cash collection

How to carry out cash collection

Transportation of banknotes is a very serious event, which is associated with high risk.

It is important to consider all the minute details that the entire operation was successful, and to consider a stepwise algorithm for its implementation.



Make all preparationsbefore the arrival of the collector group. Inform this unit in advance. Make sure that the interval of the group call to her arrival was not more than 45 minutes. Clean the back entrance to the building, removing all the cars, crates or foreign objects. Nothing should distract personnel from carrying out their duties.


Make sure that the collectors will go onwell-lit streets all along the route. Check the integrity of bags in which the need to put the bill. Recalculate carefully money for transportation. With this should be no problem. Attach three receipts, which will show the amount of money for transportation. Give them to assure the cashier.


Spend reception of collection groups. Time of their work must not exceed 8 minutes. Strive to do everything as quickly as possible and more accurately. Meet the Inspector-collector groups at the door of the back door and run into the building, where you want to settle. Always check the identity of the individual collector. Leave the guards outside the door to protect the collectors.


Proceed to transfer bags service employees. Once again, check the appearance, the presence of bills - all strictly for documentation. Check the overhead and write in all instances. Assure all seal and signature to transfer funds on hand. Do not let the collector to count money or touching bill.


Get away from the collector Inspector recruiting mapthree copies of transmittal statements, receipt ticket, bag. Check the seals and signatures, bags and availability of forms for each of them. Put the money in the bag, if everything is correct. Mark all the money bags and place them in spetschemodan.


Make sure that the Inspector-collector attached themto the left wrist. Notify the inspector of protection of the group after taking the money. Look how the loading of bags into the car collectors. Report to the authorities about their dispatch and the successful collection.

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