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How to conspire from evil people


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In the life of every person there are ill-wishers and envious persons. People can gossip behind their backs or make real conspiracies, trying in every way to harm your reputation.

In some cases, such actions turn into a real attack, which deprives forces to fight and defend their interests.

As a reliable defense against evil, you can use the ancient method - conspiracies.

Protection of the house from evil people

The ill-wisher can be found not only inPublic place, but also, without suspecting anything, to let him into his own house. There are several ways to protect your home from the arrival of evil people. Conspiracies in this case help to deter unwanted guests.

Buy a round mirror and always carry it with you. It is believed that such a talisman protects from the attention of ill-wishers.

Since ancient times it is known that metals are capable ofAbsorb into itself a negative energy. Take any iron object - a nail, a needle, a pin or a piece of wire. Select three of the same attributes. For example, three needles or three nails. Stick the objects into the corners of the door. One upper corner must remain empty.

Creating protection

Protect yourself from the attention of enviousThe help of holy water. Put in a liquid silver jewelry or a spoon made of silver. Thrice say "Our Father" and lightly sprinkle yourself with water. This procedure should be done every morning or before a meeting with people who cause you anxiety or feelings of irritation.
It is better to sprinkle with holy water not only yourself, but personal things, as well as the room in which you live. Ill-wishers will stop paying attention to you and will not approach your house.

If an evil person has visited your home, right afterHis care abundantly moisten a rag with water and rinse the floor. In this case, say "how the water spreads, so my enemies run away." It is better to use holy water for this.

Herbs from evil people

Some plant species have protectiveProperties against evil people. Such herbs include wormwood, mint, St. John's wort, buckthorn and thistle. Dry mixtures can be decomposed in secluded places of the apartment, sewed in a lining of clothes or carried in a pocket. Previously, the grass should be spoken with the prayer "Our Father".
Tear off a little of any herb and put in front ofHis house or on the windowsill. Be sure to say "how the grass dries, so let the tongues of my enemies dry up". Such a conspiracy will not only scare off evil people from you, but also prevent them from talking about you badly, gossiping or spoiling your reputation with unfounded arguments.

George the Victorious from the evil people

Traditionally, people turn to icons for help. George the Victorious will certainly help you cope with your abusers. Go to church, find the right icon and ask for protection. At a time when you will put a candle, be sure to say the phrase: "You have won the serpent's serpent, the victor and the offender." You can even name the specific name of the person who gives you trouble.

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