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Care for nail layers</a>

With insufficient amount of necessary vitamins, entering the human body, and improper care of the hands - there can be a delamination of the nail plate on the fingernails of the fingers.

This situation visually looks completely unattractive and can spoil any image.

Due to improperly made manicure and inadequate moisturizing and nourishing the skin of the hands - the nails can be layered and thus require the necessary treatment.

Regardless of the cause of this condition of the nails, treatment, as well as prevention, is required to begin with the correct manicure.

When processing the nail plate toolHave a right angle to the nail. It is not recommended to use a metal nail file, giving the nail plates the necessary shape, glass or ceramic with fine crystalline spraying is best for this.

With a strong stratification of the nail, you can not saw it from the side surfaces, because this action causes the appearance of cracks and small fractures.

When layering nails is not recommended to remove varnishWith the help of a liquid that has acetone in its composition, and once a week it is necessary to give rest to nails, covering them with special medical formulations.

If you have nail plates, besidesProper care for them, it is necessary to take a complex of vitamins. And also eat more foods containing calcium, protein, magnesium, phosphorus and sulfur. These products include: eggs, chicken, fish, turkey meat, cabbage, dairy products and cheese.

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