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Caring for the layer of nails

Caring for the layer of nails

If insufficient quantities of essential vitamins entering the body of man, and improper care for your hands - may appear peeling nail plate on the nails of the fingers.

This situation is visually looks very unattractive and can spoil any image.

Because of wrong done manicure and a lack of moisture and nourish the skin of hands - nails can exfoliate and thus require appropriate treatment.

Regardless of the reasons for this state of nails, treatment, and prevention is required to start with a properly manicured.

In the treatment of nail plate toola right angle to the nail. Do not use a metal nail file, nail plate giving the desired shape, it is best for this suitable glass or ceramic with small crystal deposition.

If a strong bundle nail impossible to file it with the side surfaces, because this action causes the appearance of cracks and small bruises.

When the layer of nails is not recommended to remove the varnishwith a liquid, which is composed of acetone, and once a week it is necessary to rest nails, covering them with special therapeutic compositions.

If you exfoliate nail plates, in addition toproper care of them, you should take vitamin complex. Also eat more food containing calcium, protein, magnesium, phosphorus and sulfur. These products include: eggs, chicken, fish, turkey meat, cabbage, dairy products and cheese.

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