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Care for guinea pigs


Care of guinea pigs</a>

Before you buy yourself a charming guinea pig, you need to know the basics of caring for this animal.



Guinea pigs do not like to live alone, but when choosing a pair for your pet, remember that two males can not be kept in one cage.


The more spacious the cage, the better. In length it should be at least 50 cm.


The best filler for a cell is sawdust. Change them should be 2-3 times a week as pollution.


Take care of purchasing a feeder, drinking bowl, house - all this is necessary for your pet.


In the guinea pig cage also should beSalt wheels. They will provide the gilts with salt. In addition, in the cage, you can put a flat stone to grind the claws and branches of trees to grind the teeth.


Piglets also need to prune claws. You can do it yourself, but you can instruct the veterinarian. The main thing is to do this with care and carefully cut off, trying not to touch the fabric.


Wash the pigs as needed or in case of contamination. The most important thing is to make sure that the water does not get into the ears. After bathing, the pig should be dried carefully so that it does not get sick.

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