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Caring for guinea pigs

Caring for guinea pigs

Before you buy a glamorous guinea pig, you need to familiarize yourself with the basics of caring for these animals.



Guinea pigs do not like to live alone, but when choosing a pair of your pet, remember that two males can not be kept in the same cage.


The cell will be more spacious, the better. In length it should be at least 50 cm.


The best filler for cells considered sawdust. Change should be 2-3 times a week at least pollution.


Take care of the acquisition of feeding, watering, house - all that is necessary for your pet.


In the guinea pig cell must also besalt wheels. They will provide pigs with salt. In addition, the cell can put a flat stone for grinding claws and branches of trees to grinding teeth.


Gilt also need to trim the claws. You can make your own, and you can charge it to the vet. The main thing is to do it with caution and cut carefully, trying not to touch the fabric.


Wash the pigs as necessary or in case of contamination. Most importantly - make sure that no water gets into the ears. After bathing the pig must be thoroughly dry so that it is not sick.

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