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CARE or hyperope?

Care or hyperope?</a>

Parents always want the best for their child. This applies to things: toys, clothes, books - everything is chosen carefully and with love.

Just carefully, parents choose food for the child, places for walking, recreation.

Then parents begin to choose their child friends and hobbies ... Perhaps several options for the further development of such events.

Maybe parents are really very sensitive,Responding and guessing without words all the desires of the child. Then there will be no problems and confrontations. Parents in this case offer the child exactly what he himself wants. But this option is more ideal, in life this does not occur, at least because of the inability of people to read each other's thoughts.
It may well be that parentsIt will simply be possible to break the child so that he does not show discontent with the choice or decision of the parents. And outwardly everything can quite remind an idyll. Parents are happy and calm, the child is obedient and well-being exactly as parents imagine it. But such a child will not grow strong, strong-willed and courageous, successful and contented with life, grateful to his parents. Most likely he will be insecure and not able to make any decisions whatsoever. He will be deeply unhappy, but he will not dare to tell anyone about it.
Or maybe it's different. As a child, a child, in fact, because of his small years and the lack of long-term life goals, will go against the parents. It's a pleasure to visit mugs and sections chosen by parents to spend their free time as parents decide. But at one point, which is difficult to call beautiful, everything will change. Typically, this occurs during adolescence. When a child begins to demand freedom, independence and independence. And parents are often not ready for such changes.
In any case, parents should remember that the child is a separate individual. And the fact that the child depends on the parents does not yet give them the right to manage every moment of his childhood life.
A child is not a doll or a puppet. Sooner or later he will grow up, he will have his own family and he will have to move to the status of an adult. You can not patronize a child more than you need for his safety. Due to his age and small experience, sometimes a child may not be aware of threats to his health or even life - here the parents must act firmly and decisively. Indeed, do not let the child decide for themselves: to put your fingers in the socket or not. But if it does not threaten anything, then parents should push their desires and ambitions into the background. You need to get used to the role of an advisor, not a manager.

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