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CARE or overprotection?

Caring or overprotection?

Parents always want the very best for their child. This also applies to things: toys, clothes, books - all carefully selected and lovingly.

Just carefully parents choose baby food, places for walks.

Then parents start choosing your child to friends and hobbies ... There are several possibilities for further development of such events.

Perhaps parents are really sensitive,match, and guess words without all the wishes of the child. Then no problems and confrontations will not. The parents in this case, offer your child exactly what he himself wants. But this version of the most perfect, is not found in life, if only because of the inability of people to read each other's thoughts.
It may happen that parentswill be able to simply break the child, so that he did not show dissatisfaction with the choice of either the decision of parents. And apparently all may well remind idyll. Parents are happy and calm, obedient and well-being of the child just as the parents imagine. But because such a child will not grow strong, strong-willed and courageous, successful and happy life, grateful parents people. Most likely it will be insecure and not able to take any whatsoever solutions. He will be deeply unhappy, but did not dare tell anyone about this.
Or maybe the other way. As a child, the child is really because of their young age and lack of long-term goals in life is to be led by parents. I am pleased to visit the clubs and sections selected parents spend their free time as parents decide. But at one point, which can hardly be called beautiful, everything will change. This usually occurs in adolescence. When a child begins to demand freedom, independence and self-reliance. And parents are often not ready for such changes.
In any case, parents should remember that a child - a separate independent person. And the fact that the child depends on the parents, does not give them the right to control every aspect of his children's lives.
The child - not a doll or puppet. Sooner or later he grows up, he will have his own family and he will have to go to adult status. You can not take care of the child more than necessary for its security. Because of its age and small experience sometimes a child may not be aware of the threat to their health or even their lives - here parents should act firmly and decisively. Indeed, it is not necessary to give the child to decide: to poke fingers in the socket or not. But if he is not in danger, the parents should push their desires and ambitions into the background. We must get used to the role of the advisor, not the manager.

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