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How to care for your computer

Today, computers occupy a large part of our lives. They are found everywhere - at work and at home, on the streets and in the shops.

Unfortunately, during the use of the computer may appear different problems in the system that could affect the operation of the equipment. Repairs can cost the owner in a large amount.

So it is better to begin to properly care for your computer.



Wipe the screen with special wipes. They can easily be purchased at any computer store. Do not wipe the screen with wet rags or glass cleaner. Otherwise you will cause him irreparable damage.


Every day, wipe the keyboard with a damp cloth. This is the most used part of the computer, so it accumulates a lot of germs. Surely you've noticed that, on the keyboard, there are places where it is impossible to get dirty. Such places can be cleaned with a brush. There is a more radical way: turn the keyboard and tap on the table a few times.


All other parts that are on thethe surface does not require special care. However, there are some general guidelines: wipe them at least once a week and do not use a lot of water. In stores you can buy special tools designed exclusively for the care of your computer.


Clean the system unit. Use a screwdriver to open the cover. Remove the dust from the ventilation grilles and the power supply. Hold your finger cooler and very gently, using only the power vacuum the details.


Do not forget to properly turn on and off youra computer. No computer necessary, it is better not to use. Between the on and off must take place not less than 30 seconds. We can not ignore this rule. These gaps occur various important processes inside the computer. Otherwise the probability of reducing the lifetime of your PC. If you want to pull the system unit from the network, wait for complete shutdown.

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