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How to care for white lily

White Lily

White lily - a symbol of purity, love, many peoples of the world.

The flower is very beautiful, it has a therapeutic agents.

To this natural charm happy, it's important to know how to properly care for them.

You will need

  • - White bulbs lilii-
  • - lopata-
  • - humus
  • - peat-
  • - water-
  • - Fertilizers.



It all starts with the purchase of the bulbs. Planting material should be healthy. When buying gently push the bulb if it is soft, it is not necessary to acquire it. Dried - it is not suitable for landing. You need to buy a big light bulb.

Bulb white lily


The second important condition - the landing place. In the valley lily can not grow. The roots, corm flower are fairly deep. If you put the plant in a low place, during prolonged rains, it will feel uncomfortable, may cease to bloom or even die.


On a sunny plot of land at the end of August -the beginning of September or at the end of April - early May to make the deepening of the bayonet spade. It poured a teaspoon of plant fertilizer, 2 liters of compost. The mixture was stirred. With spring planting ground shed. Lily planted at a depth equal to three of its diameters.


To facilitate the care of white lily, on topground mulch layer of peat 5 cm. This will help to better bulb winter and summer moisture to evaporate less. Peat will prevent the formation of soil crust after rain and irrigation. Mulch periodically update. As it can be used and well-ripened compost, humus.


In the winter harbor lily leaves, with cellophaneholes for air penetration. In mid-April cover shoot. When a white lily in the spring will begin to grow, it is necessary to fertilize with a solution mullein, diluted in water at a ratio of 1:12. When the bud plant fed a complete complex fertilizer. You can make 40 grams per square meter in the soil.


Lily require infrequent watering. When a plant bud, watering so that water falling on the leaves. When they turn yellow, cut off the stalk and the white lily is prepared for winter.

Lily in Bloom

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