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How to care for uggami

How to care for uggami

In the post-Soviet space these shoes like boots, despised urban residents and was considered almost a sign of ignorance and neotesannosti.

The situation changed radically when the West came to us on a rather shapeless fashion, with a view somewhat similar to the trampled boots boots - ugg boots.

Ugg boots are not a model of elegance, butIt looks quite cute, and those who had a chance to vilify them in the dead of winter, give them a part of your heart - so comfortable and warm feet in those boots - bumpkin. If, however, even on a cold day dirty pool happened to be on the road and on the bright surface of the boots appeared a couple of unsightly stains, you should not just mentally say goodbye to his shoes. You can try to return them former appeal. The main thing - calm and reasonable action.

  • Even if uggs wet, then put them on the batteryor on the stove, and even more so on the heater in any case impossible. Leave to dry them at room temperature, without additional action by warm air.
  • If the surface of the boot stuck lumpsdirt, then they, too, should not be touched, can only aggravate the situation. Wait to dry out boots, you can begin to clean up dried mud neat little brush movements. For such a case it will fit even an old toothbrush to clean the teeth.
  • If heavily soiled, you can usepenknife. To prevent the deep penetration of dirt into the surface of the boot, you can use a special spray for suede, which is to be sold in the same store where purchased and ugg boots.

And let your legs in any shoe always look good!

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