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How to properly care for tomatoes

Tomatoes grown at the farm, differ from the shops. Its fruits are fleshy, juicy, sweetish taste.

Only at first glance it seems difficult to grow them.

With proper care, you can collect a large harvest, feast on tomatoes, but still roll for the winter marinated, pickled fruits.

Subtleties of care for the seedlings of tomatoes

Their little, but if you follow these recommendations, the excellent harvest is guaranteed.
First of all, it is necessary to disinfectseeds in a pink solution of potassium permanganate. This will help remove from the surface spores of harmful microorganisms. Soak for 10-12 hours in a growth stimulator will help nourish the plants future beneficial trace elements.
Thereafter, the wet seeds were placed in a refrigerator at + 5 °. It will temper seed. Already adult plants grown from them, will be able to transfer the cold short.
Seeds are planted in the house on the first seedlings. There are 2 more tricks. To plants are not stretched, it is impossible to create hothouse conditions too. Let them grow house at 20-22 °. The second trick regards watering. Excess - can lead to disease, "blackleg" and stretching seedlings. Take in the tanks where the young plants, watering holes and through them only when the soil is dry.

Caring for tomatoes in the greenhouse or outdoors

Once the plants are planted in a permanenta place for them, too, need to take care of properly. Planting seedlings of tomatoes in the wells, which are filled with decomposed organic matter, a small amount of mineral fertilizers. The recesses before planting should be well molded.
Next watering - only 5-7 days (depending on weather). During this time, the plants roots grow back, they take root, and the watering can slow down this process.
For the same reason, so as not to injure the roots of each tomato and put a peg to tie him with a rope, twisted in the form of eight.
Week 3-4 in the axils of the leaves appearstepchildren. They are sure to delete. If they are small, you can pinch off their nails. Large cut with scissors and then every bush them necessarily lower in potassium permanganate solution, in order not to infect one plant from another viral infection.
It will not spread late blight. It will deter the disease on the vine tomatoes and airing. If they are under the cover, it is necessary to ensure an adequate supply of the afternoon air, and at night - close windows and doors teplichke.
By August 1, remove all suckers and lower leavesbefore the first fruit cluster. Pinch point bush growth. If there is a rainy wet weather, watering sharply cut, all green shiny fruit for ripening shoot indoors. So you can avoid the negative impact of Phytophthora.


Water the tomatoes in hot weather every day orin one day. The cool - once in 3-5 days. It is important to give the plants enough water so that it was held at 10 cm depth. Tomatoes fed every 3-4 weeks. In a 10-liter bucket of water dissolve liter mullein, or half a liter of poultry manure, add a tablespoon of NPK.
Everything is stirred and allowed to stand 3 days in the sun orin teplichke. After this time, you can irrigate 0.5-1 liter (depending on the age of the bush) must be on the wet ground. Spilled from the ground podryhlite pm the next day to ensure the flow of air to the roots.

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