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How to take good care of tomatoes



Tomatoes grown in the subsidiary farm are different from store. Its fruits are fleshy, juicy, sweet to the taste.

Only at first glance it seems difficult to grow them.

With proper care, you can collect a large crop, eat tomatoes, and even roll up for marinated, salted fruits.

Fineness of care for tomato seedlings

There are not many of them, but if you follow these recommendations, then an excellent harvest is guaranteed.
First of all, it is necessary to disinfectSeeds in a pink solution of potassium permanganate. This will help to remove from their surface the spores of harmful microorganisms. Soaking for 10-12 hours in a growth stimulator will help to nourish future plants with useful trace elements.
After that, the moist seeds are placed in a refrigerator at + 5 °. This will harden the seeds. Already grown plants grown from them, will be able to endure short-term cold.
Seeds are planted first at home on seedlings. There are 2 more tricks here. That plants are not stretched, they can not create too hothouse conditions. Let them grow at home at 20-22 °. The second trick is about watering. Excessive - can lead to the disease "black leg" and to stretch the seedling. Do in the tanks, where there are young plants, holes and water through them only when the soil dries.

Caring for tomatoes in a greenhouse or open ground

After the plants are planted on a permanent basisPlace, they also need to be taken care of properly. Plant seedlings of tomatoes in the holes, which are filled with perepremshey organics, a small amount of mineral fertilizers. The notches before planting should be well spilled.
The next watering is only after 5-7 days (depending on the weather). During this time, the plants will grow roots, they will get accustomed, and watering can slow down this process.
For the same reason, not to injure the roots, put a peg to each tomato and tie it to it with a rope twirled in the form of a figure-eight.
Weeks will appear in 3-4 in the leaf axilsStepsons. They must be removed. If they are small, you can pinch them with your fingernail. Large cut with scissors and after each bush they must be lowered into the solution of potassium permanganate, so as not to infect one plant from another with a viral infection.
This will help not spread the phytophthora. Suppress this disease on the root and aeration of tomatoes. If they are under cover, then it is necessary to ensure a sufficient supply of air during the day, and close the windows and doors of the hothouse at night.
By August 1, stepsons and all lower leaves are removedUp to the first fruit cluster. Pinch the point of growth of the bush. If there is a rainy, wet weather, then watering is drastically reduced, all green shiny fruits are removed for ripening in the room. So you can avoid the negative effects of phytophthora.


Water tomatoes in hot weather every day orin one day. In a cool - every 3-5 days. It is important to give the plants enough water to go 10 cm deep. Tomatoes are fed every 3-4 weeks. In a 10-liter bucket of water, dissolve a liter of mullein or a half-liter of bird droppings, add a tablespoon of nitroammophoska.
All stir and stand 3 days in the sun orIn the greenhouse. After this time, you can water 0,5-1 liter (depending on the age of the bush) necessarily on wet ground. Spilled in the evening ground loosen the next day to ensure the flow of air to the roots.

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