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How to care for the white shoes


Tips for the care of white leather shoes.



The easiest way to care for whiteboots, sandals and boots, it is regularly cleaned them. In this case you need to cloth or sponge was dry, but otherwise you'll rub dirt into the surface of the shoe. And most importantly, cloth or sponge for white shoes should be separate.


In no case do not store the white shoes with dark or black! In white shoes or boots should be a separate regiment. If not, then store it in a box.


If you bought the shoes just, it should behandle special tool. The store ask consultants about this, they will prompt. While the vehicle is completely dry, you can not wear new shoes.


Now, about what can or should be clean white shoes. This is the most common means available that clean white leather shoes is not worse than a special shop tools.
Whiten shoes help toothpaste. Put a little toothpaste on a damp cloth and gently rub in those places where there is stubborn dirt. Remains of pastes, remove the shoe less damp cloth.
Another method for cleaning white shoes, a mixture of milk and egg protein. Whip half a cup of milk with a protein of an egg, soak in the mixture soft cloth and start to clean shoes.

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