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How to care for the nails at home

How to care for the nails at home

A girl should always look good - from the head to the tips of the nails.

Let us dwell on the nails.



In order to grow your nails strong and beautiful, they need food. Every week there are baths with sea water, keep nails there 20-25 minutes, then apply a protective cream on them.


Strengthening is not only outside but also inside. Drink with vitamins, calcium, fish oil. Eat more fish, fruits and vegetables.


Beautiful nails are not beautiful, if the cuticleIt does not look well-groomed. Try to put on the cuticle of various oils, such as shea butter, almond oil, peach or apricot. They all nourish the skin, making it softer.


When applied to the nail polish, use a protective coating with a variety of vitamins. And do not forget that all the procedures must be carried out regularly, otherwise the result will not be.

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