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How to care for a money tree


How to care for a money tree</a>

A beautiful plant, which was also called a money tree, according to many of its owners, can bring not only money, but also happiness, love and luck.

But this happens only if the plant is provided with proper care.

Crassula can be bought already in the form of a tree, but you canGrow out of the appendage. To do this, you need to take the soil (the soil is best suited for cacti) and dry it for several hours. After that, the process takes root in the soil. While the process is small, you can use a small pot, but as soon as the tree begins to grow, it must be transplanted into a spacious pot or tub with thick walls.

A growing tree needs watering 1-2 times inA week, abundant watering the plant is needed only in the summer, but only if the soil becomes very dry. Water for irrigation should always be strictly room temperature. The money tree is unpretentious, but it is necessary to feed it. For fertilizing, fertilizer is used for cacti. Transplant the tree if necessary, you can, but it is recommended only in the spring.

In addition to watering and top dressing, Krasula also needs the following care:

- plant leaves are wiped from dust-

- the room is regularly ventilated, since Crassula is very fond of fresh air-

- in winter the plant does not need to be watered abundantly, it can also be left in a cool place,

- bad branches or leaves need to be removed-

- Because the tree crown is large and powerful, it is recommended to insert a stick into the soil, trying not to damage the roots, but to tie the stem to the stick.

With proper and competent care, redsula will beDelight you for many years, and if the conditions in which it grows, will be favorable, then the plant can even please with flowers. Unfortunately, this happens very rarely - sometimes you have to wait for years.

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