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How to care for the land turtle

Tortoise is useful to take a walk on the grass

Land turtles sometimes feel living toys. They are kept in the room or in the country, allowing children to do whatever pleases them.

Such an approach is incorrect. Turtle - a kind of pet with its own character and interest group behavior.

To your favorite feel good and calm, it needs proper conditions and nutrition.

Turtle house

The houses are holding most of the Central Asian orMediterranean tortoises. Other less common. In any case, it should be remembered that the turtle - a resident of the warm countries. Therefore, keep it constantly in the open pasture is not necessary. Even if the apartment warm, tortoise this may not be enough. It is best to buy a cage for it, and how it will be more - the better. To determine its parameters, multiply the length of the carapace of an adult animal into five. This will be the length of the cage. The width may be about half the length. The height is not as important turtle crawling along the ground.
how to take care and how to feed the turtle

What to put in the terrarium

The bottom of the cage is best to fill a majorsand or pebbles. Both are necessary to pre-rinse well and dry. In one corner you can make a shelter, where the turtle will rest at night or during hibernation. You can put a few potted plants in pots. The cage should be and a small pool. Its depth is such that the turtle could stand on the bottom, and the water would have reached to her jaw. This pool should be such that your postoyalitsey was free to go. In one corner of the cage put a few "hot rocks" - disguised as heater stones. Make sure that the wire was unavailable turtle, otherwise it perfectly his peregryzet. In another corner of the sand must be always wet. It must be periodically watered.
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Coverage depends on where it will bestand terrarium. If you place it in a well-lit room, extra lights are needed. Putting turtle house in a dark room, put on the cover of one or more small fluorescent lamps. In addition, you need a quartz lamp. Kvartsevanie need to have turtles in the body to produce vitamin D. Deficiency of this vitamin causes a softening of the carapace.
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The basis of the Mediterranean diet andCentral Asian turtles is plant food. As for the other representatives of the turtle world, there are also predators and scavengers. The only thing that should be in the diet of all turtles - dairy products. In the body of the turtles is simply no enzymes, which would be processed milk.
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Sometimes a turtle can be released to wander throughapartment. Place for a walk you have to prepare. There should be no gaps where the turtle can get stuck. Many representatives of the turtle kind of dying in captivity for this reason. On a sunny day the turtle is useful to wander through the fresh grass. But keep an eye on her. It is only in fairy tales turtles move slowly, in fact, they are extremely flexible.
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