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How to Care for Tortoises

How to Care for Tortoises

Tortoises seem to be completely unpretentious pets. They do not need to walk, they do not take up much space, does not chirp or meow, sleeping for six months.

In fact, land tortoises are interesting creatures that require some care and attention.

You will need

  • - terrarium-
  • - Fluorescent light-
  • - pesok-
  • - Toothbrush.



Land turtle needs a certainspace that it will create the optimal ecosystem suitable for habitation. Set in an apartment terrarium or a special enclosure. Location should be well lighted and warmed, the turtle must not freeze. The optimum temperature for the maintenance of the land turtle - 21-31oS day 16-19oS night.

how to take care and how to feed the turtle


humidity level should not be toolow. In the period from November to March, these pets need to be wintering at 3-8oS and humidity 90%. The soil in the terrarium should also be appropriate. Since the overland turtles live mostly in the wilderness, and the soil should be sandy.

feed for red-eared sliders


That's right, make a diet for yourpet. Land turtles are herbivores, so the main diet should consist of fruits and vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, apples, cabbage, tomatoes, lettuce, dandelion, plantain, quinoa, mother-and-stepmother, sorrel, nettles). Permitted to give a little hard-boiled eggs.

Before serving, wash your fruit, do notlet the turtle moldy and rotten food. Solid feed finely chopped with a knife or grate, mix. Serve mixture of vegetables and fruit on a wide and low pan. Periodically add in food barley sprouts or oats. Added in small portions to the feed sea kale.

a home water turtle


In tortoises quickly contaminated paws andthe lower part of the shell, so you need to bathe your pet once a week. Pour into a bowl or tub of warm water with a little temperature 26-30oS. Lower the turtle into the water used to clean the shell and the clutches of a toothbrush with soft bristles. Do not overdo it, so as not to damage the shell. And do not forget to clean the cage every week from the remnants of food and faeces.

take care of the land turtle

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