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How to care for land tortoises


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The humidity level should not be too high.Low. In the period from November to March, these pets need wintering at a temperature of 3-8oC and an air humidity of 90%. Ground in the terrarium should also be appropriate. Since land tortoises live most often in desert terrain, then the soil must be sandy.

Feed for red-bellied turtle


Correctly make a diet for yourThe pet. Tortoises are herbivorous, so the basic diet should consist of fruits and vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, apples, cabbage, tomatoes, lettuce, dandelion, plantain, quinoa, coltsfoot, sorrel, nettle). Allowed to give a little hardboiled eggs.

Before feeding, wash fruit thoroughly, do notLet the tortoise moldy and rotten foods. Solid feed finely cut with a knife or grate, mix. Serve the mixture of vegetables and fruits on a wide and low pallet. Periodically add to the food sprouts of barley or oats. In small portions, add sea kale to the food.

How to give a home turtle


Land turtles quickly become contaminated with paws andThe lower part of the shell, so you need to bathe your pet once a week. Pour a little warm water with a temperature of 26-30 ° C into the basin or bath. Lower the turtle into the water, use a toothbrush with soft bristles to clean the shell and paws. Do not overdo it so as not to damage the shell. And do not forget to clean the terrarium every week of food and feces.

Care for a tortoise

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