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How to care for the home fern

How to care for the home fern

Fern - this is one of the most ancient plants that almost has not changed its appearance over the millennia.

His beautiful, delicate and unusual leaves, called fronds, - very attractive, so fern is often grown in the home.

Home ferns - plant prettyunpretentious, excellent for growth and development they need to create a favorable environment, right to water and transplanted into a fresh substrate once in several years.

Where to place the fern

Pick a suitable location in the plant room. As shadow-ferns, it can be placed on a stand in the room or put on the shelf. Here, the plant will be the most comfortable. Some ferns fit bright but diffused light, so they will enjoy themselves near a window facing east or north.
Most suitable temperature for growthfern about 15-20oS, at a temperature below 10 ° C the plant will die, and will feel uncomfortable if the temperature is above 22 ° C. In conventional apartments temperature is much higher, so the fern can be placed in the kitchen or in the hallway or spray the plant every day.

watering Features

Watering the plant should be regularly withoutallowing drying earthen coma. Fern is very sensitive to lack of moisture, the tips of the fronds begin to dry, and then all the leaves completely. Dry leaves must be removed and resume periodic watering.
In the winter dormant period occurs ferns. At this time, watering must be reduced. But the land in the pot should be moist at all times. In the spring with the onset of a period of growth, gradually increase watering.

Water should be soft, so it is best to give it to stand at room temperature or use rainwater for irrigation.

Ferns do not tolerate dry air of the apartment, so daily spray them with warm water, on hot days, do it at least 2 times a day, morning and evening.

If you are not able to spray frequently ferns, pour in the concrete block tray and moisten it, and the soil surface in the pot, cover damp moss. As moisturize dry expanded clay and moss.

How to transplant ferns

Prepare a substrate for planting ferns. Take 2 parts leaf humus, one part peat and 2 parts of purified sand. For ferns with golden foliage as experts suggest, should be added to the soil a bit rotten bark.
Since the plant is quite large, and the potPick up for him corresponding to its size. Also ferns can be grown in hanging pots and baskets. Sprinkle the bottom of the pot drainage, then a layer of nutrient substrate. Place the plant and dosypte ground. Pour fern and put in a bright place.

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