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How to care for garden camomile

How to care for garden camomile

The botanical name of daisies - daisy or daisy, the flower loved by many, so growers are trying to grow it in your flower beds.

Currently displayed a lot of breeders of varieties of plants, which in its beauty not inferior even exotic flowers.



Pick for garden planting daisies sunnyplace, this is where it will show itself in all its glory, but in the penumbra daisy will feel pretty good, although the flowers are not as large.


Before planting, the soil dug up carefully,Remove all weeds because plants will grow in one place for several years, and quite problematic weed weeds out the curtain. Fill the soil with organic fertilizers: compost, or humus, add a phosphorus-potassium, about 1 teaspoon 1-2 bush.


Propagated by seeds and garden daisy divisionrhizomes. This second method is best to reproduce high-quality plants, especially multi-row and fringed daisies. Daisy seeds sow on fertile soil and lightly sprinkle the ground. By mid-summer the seedlings appear, and get a pretty lush bush daisies next year.


When transplanting seedlings make a small hole. daisy roots shake, cut too long, dry or rotten. Place the seedling in a bowl with a solution of Alpin for 1-2 hours. Then landed in the prepared hole.


To duplicate high-quality daisies, springgently separate the roots from the outlet from the mother plant with a knife. Put them in a moist substrate and cover halves of plastic bottles. After a couple of weeks, they take root, the bottle can be removed, and the young plants bloom in July.

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