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How to care for the garden chamomile


How to care for the garden chamomile</a>

The botanical name of a camomile is Nivian or a wild rose, this flower is loved by many, so the flower growers try to grow it in their flower beds.

Currently, breeders have produced many varieties of plants, which in their beauty are not inferior even to exotic flowers.



Choose for planting a garden chamomile sunnyPlace, it is here that she will show herself in all its glory, but in the penumbra the nivian will feel pretty good, although the flowers will not be so large.


Before planting the soil thoroughly dig,Remove all the weeds, since the plant will grow in one place for several years, and it is problematic to weed the weeds out of the curtain. Fill the soil with organic fertilizers: compost or humus, add phosphorus-potassium, about 1 teaspoon per 1-2 bush.


The garden daisy multiplies by seed and divisionRhizomes. In this second method is best to propagate varietal plants, especially multi-row and fimbriated daisies. Seeds of Niviana sow on prepared soil and lightly sprinkle with earth. By the middle of the summer seedlings will appear, and next year a rather magnificent bush of chamomile will turn out.


When planting seedlings, make a small hole. Roots of chamomile shake, cut too long, dry or rotten. Put the seedling in a dish with an epin solution for 1-2 hours. Then drop it into the prepared well.


To propagate varietal chamomiles, in the springGently separate the rosettes with roots from the mother plant with a knife. Plant them in a moist substrate and cover with halves of plastic bottles. In a couple of weeks they will take root, the bottles can be removed, and the young plants will blossom in July.

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