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How to care for the Canadian sphinx

How to care for the Canadian sphinx

The notion that kitties sphinxes special conditions are needed, they are picky and finicky - wrongly.

One need only consider a few features of this breed and the animals with a big heart and good disposition will become your faithful friends.

The man who decide to take this CIMS to handle, is unlikely to want to let her go.



For feeding suitable quality dry food. But the cat sphinx differ omnivorous. With pleasure they will eat meat, dairy products, cereals, and some "Baldy" can eat fruits, vegetables and even sweets. With the latter you have to be careful, and if your pet will love them, do not indulge his sweet often.


These cats are sweating, and they should be the extent of pollutionbathe. Some people like to swim, some do not, but if you begin to accustom the animal to bathing with a small age, the kitten will get used and will not be capricious. Bathe your cat need a couple of times a week.


Sphynxes need to clean the ears as clustersplaque. This will help the water soaked cotton pads and ear sticks. This procedure is cosmetic, personal injury discharge from the ears do not bring. Accumulate tears in the corners of the eyes also need to clean with a damp cotton swab.


Be sure to require a visit to the vet. It will make the necessary vaccinations and explain when and why you need to visit it next time.


With these kitties can walk outside on a leash. Of course, only if all vaccinations done. It should be remembered that the skin exposed to the sphinx tan can get burnt.


And these beautiful seals Centerfolds. They pose! It seems that the cat understands what the camera look at the camera and take a beautiful pose.


These cats basically there is no allergies butbetter if prior to purchase ordinary kid you chat with a representative of the breed. Many daring and taking his family an animal, immediately begin to save for a second cat. If you like the sphinxes, it's for life.

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