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How to care for spaniel

How to care for spaniel

Spaniel - very beautiful, active and friendly dog. The breed belongs to the hunting - spaniels are indispensable in the production of upland and waterfowl and other game.

But even if you do not plan to hunt, do not deny yourself the pleasure of communication with this dog.

Cheerful and good-natured Springer, Cockers and King Charles will be a great companion and these members of your family.

To the dog was healthy and felt well, it should be cared for properly.



Taking a puppy from the very first days of its organizeproper nutrition. Feature Spaniels - a great appetite and omnivorous. A puppy should be fed four times a day, after six months it can be transferred to two meals a day. You can feed the dog industry pellets and canned food, or cook her own meals. Spaniel need cereals, meat, dairy products and small amounts of vegetables. For a long dog's coat looks perfect, add to her food a little vegetable oil.

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The long silky coat spaniel needsconstant care. Spaniel comb daily, paying special attention to the ears, stomach, lush "skirt" and "trousers" on the hind legs. For grooming need a comb with long teeth, scissors vystriganiya mats and a small massage brush.

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From time to time wash your dog a special shampoo for long hair. Soap and shampoo does not fit the usual hair. Cocker spaniels are in need of trimming and grooming - it can make in the grooming salon.

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To protect the dog from the mud while walking,take care of her wardrobe. Spaniel useful knitted cap with an elastic band that protects long ears from dirt and water. For the off-season dog need waterproof overalls. In the summer it is easy to buy a mesh jumpsuit - it will save a thick coat of leaves, twigs and small debris. Winter clothing spaniel does not need - great thick coat protects the dog from the cold.

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Spaniel in need of long walks and active games on the air. Take it with you on a jog, take out of town, if possible, let your dog swim - Spaniels love water.

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Watch for pet health. In time Spaniel place all the necessary vaccinations. Regularly inspect your pet's eyes and ears. Spaniels are prone to otitis - if the dog is constantly shaking his head and scratches his ears and show him to the vet. Trim the dog's claws - if you do not, they can grow. In order to not disturb the dog parasites twice a year carry out de-worming, and in the warmer months wear on protivobloshiny dog ​​collar.

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