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How to care for the skin of the face at home

How to care for the skin of the face at home

Careful and proper skin care will prevent the possible occurrence of various unwanted defects, such as early wrinkles, and sagging skin taut, black spots and pimples.

The earlier you start to care for your skin, the longer your face will look young and attractive.



Regularly and properly clean the skin. Every evening, remove make-up special moisturizing agents - foam or milk to remove make-up. Also for removing make-up is perfect for unrefined sunflower oil.


Twice a week, remove before bedtimedead skin particles using special facial scrubs. At home, the peeling can be replaced by a mixture of ground coffee beans and yogurt. Another excellent way to cleanse your face - it's liquid honey. The hot honey, apply a thin layer on the skin and massage the skin for 15 minutes until it thickens. Then, honey rinse with warm water with a cotton swab. This procedure is perfectly removes dead cells and cleans pores.


Daily moisturize and nourish the skin cream suitable for your skin type and age. Apply the cream on the massage lines with light, tapping motions.


Every morning, wipe your face with ice fromdecoction of herbs. Ice Cube will refresh and invigorate and soothe the skin. Due to the cooling of the skin rushes to her blood, the skin becomes more supple and prevents dehydration of the skin.

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