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How to care for shoes

how to care for shoes

If you long to ensure that the conditions under which you keep your feet, it is very easy to develop a variety of diseases, from foot fungus to thrombophlebitis.

How to care for your shoes to avoid odor, moisture and prolong their life?

There are many different shoes, but rarely material is different.
First you need to learn the basic rules of shoe care regardless of the material.
1) Do not wear shoes in the wrong season for which it is intended.
2) Change your insoles frequently, preferably on orthopedic.
3) Treat the shoes dirt-repelling agent.
4) Do not wear shoes in wet weather, if your shoes are made by piercing fastening soles.
5) After each use, shoes should be left in a clean and dry.
6) Never dry shoes on the battery. Stick newsprint inside the shoe and leave until until the paper absorbs all the moisture.
7) Read the instructions and recommendations supplied with your shoes.

After that, it should be noted that the material from which made your shoes.

If it is leather, it is necessary to observe the following rules:
1) Rub the cream leather shoes should be in the evening rather than the morning, the cream time to soak overnight.
2) Polishing shoes need before go out.
3) In the winter, it is desirable to lubricate the shoe mutton fat.
4) After the wet weather, you need to wipe the shoes first wet, then dry with a cloth.

If this suede leather, then:
1) In the summer, you will need to carry a shoe polish, as suede shoes in summer can accumulate dust for 1-2 hours.
2) In the winter, you will need to treat these shoes impregnation.
3) In order to give a fresh new look of shoes, shoes should hold over steam for 5-7 minutes.
4) To clean suede shoes should only be in a dry form.

If leather is then:
1) It is not recommended to wear such shoes in the summer, due to its poor capacity for air.
2) You are free to wear such shoes in rainy weather as leather protects from moisture.

If it's varnished shoes, then:
1) Do not wear these shoes every day, because the nail is almost not breathable.
2) It is necessary to carry shoe polish. Varnish can quickly accumulate dust in the summer weather.
3) Periodically lubricate glycerol, vaseline or castor oil.

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