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How to care for primrose

How to care for primrose

Primrose - a perennial or annual plant with large bright flowers.

Behind it is easy to look after.

But to his views primrose longer pleasing to the eye, it is necessary to know some of the features.

You will need

  • For primrose need: timely watering, sufficient moisture, proper lighting, proper temperature and rare dressing.



Watering should be moderate, the soil should always be moist. But keep in mind that you can not overdo it, as you risk damaging the roots.


In the room where your plant needs to be a lot of light, but direct sunlight should not fall on the primrose. If this condition is not complied with, the plant will wither and deteriorate quickly.


The temperature should be 10-15 degrees, especially during flowering.


Primula likes moist air, but does not like contact with water it leaves.


To feed and fertilize the primrose should be only when the flower buds, as well as its flowering 1 every 2 weeks.


The room should be aired, so your flower is fresh and healthy.

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