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How to care for potted flowers

Flowers need care

To indoor plants have beautiful, healthy and pleasing to you, of course, need care.

For the flowers need to take care of them regularly and fertilize.

And it is best not to fertilize chemistry, and those useful tools, which are always at hand.

You will need

  • -water from the aquarium
  • -milk
  • -bulon of pasta
  • -mineral water



If you have an aquarium at home, then changing itwater, do not pour it down the drain. This water is great for watering flowers. It is well-defended, and it kept the fish waste products, employees dressing.


Watering the ferns, add three drops of water in1 liter of milk. A month later, you will see what they have become lush. And if the flower will impress pathogenic fungi, then dilute milk 1: 6 and spray the leaves with the solution.


For watering indoor plants very well fit the water that remains after the cooked pasta. Only this should be diluted with water so that it is not too thick.


Mineral water without gas, which is sold in bottles are very fond of potted plants. Dissolved salts useful plants is not less than humans.

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