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How to care for piercings

How to care for piercings

Piercing used since ancient times and originally served as a distinctive sign of a particular caste or clan.

In today's world it is used as a flamboyant decorations, which is now no surprise. Pierce the most different parts of the body: nose, lips, nipples, tongue, navel, genitals, ears.

In general, anything.

On how the quality and proper care will depend on the terms of piercing wound.

You will need

  • - Care for the preparations of the piercings.



Prior to the processing of the puncture siteWash your hands with antibacterial soap. All types of piercing except punctures made in the region of the mucous membranes, can handle three percent hydrogen peroxide and cleaned with rubbing alcohol. Also suitable for processing "Miramistin". If there were complications in the form of redness, crusts, use the "Dioksedin", "Octenisept". These drugs are prescribed by a doctor.


Also, suitable for treatment piercingchlorhexidine as a solution and ointment "Solkoseril" "bacitracin" and linkomitsinovaya tetracycline. Places puncture abundantly lubricate with a cotton swab, remove excess with a cotton pad or bandage.


For piercings made in the area of ​​the mucous membranes, need special care. Mouth and genital area are processed using "Geksoral" pharmaceutical.


Do not try to touch the piercing with dirtyhands. The first days refrain from visiting the baths, saunas, swimming pools, do not wash in the hot tub. Take a cool shower, by covering the puncture site bactericidal plaster. After washing, immediately perform reprocessing.


Wear only cotton clothes that are washed thoroughly and proglazhena hot iron, especially if the fabric is in contact with the puncture site.


Contact your doctor immediately if after the piercing you have fever, at the puncture had a strong redness, swelling, pus.


With careful maintenance and observance of sterilityduring the piercing of the ear lobe heal in 4-6 weeks, eyebrows - after 12 weeks, the lips - 4-8 weeks, the nose - 4-10 weeks, the language - 5 months nipples - 2 months, genitals - 6 weeks.


Do not change the jewelry yourself. If the puncture site has not yet healed, and you plan to put on a different decoration, please contact webmaster.

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