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How to care for parrots

How to care for parrots

The content of the parrot at home has many advantages for the person. It does not require its vygulivaniya and there is no difficulty in leaving.

Suffice it to have a minimum knowledge in order to bring the bird only pleasure from her contemplation.

Life expectancy in parrots is about twenty years. And in order to keep it from shrinking to six - eight years old, you must follow certain rules.

Recommendations for budgies care

The cell should be selected and spaciousrectangular, with the slide out tray for easy cleaning. At various levels it should be secured perch, varying in width. This will provide a workout for legs parrot.

Placing the cage should be in a well litroom at a height and a half meters from the floor. Make sure that at this point there are no drafts and heaters are at a sufficient distance.

Periodically, you need to let the parrot out of the cage for a free flight.

Humidity in the room should be kept moderate and avoid sudden changes in temperature.

Light day the bird should be twelve - fourteen hours, it will provide her nutrition.

For a parrot beak should be carefully monitored. To prevent any problems with it, should be placed in the cell branches of trees or shrubs. Parrot will cleanse them grind their beak and claws.

The diet of poultry must contain a sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins. It is also important food supplement in addition to the basic cereal mixtures, solid grains.

Water parrot must be allowed to settle and purified. Boiled water is not permitted.

Following these recommendations will transform the contents of a parrot in a fascinating hobby and give a large number of impressions and positive emotions.

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