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How to properly care for parquet

How to properly care for your flooring

Parquet - it is very beautiful, durable and reliable coverage.

To his appearance remained perfect as long as possible, you need to ensure proper care of the parquet.

Humidity - is the main enemy of the parquet. Its level in the room should be between 45-60% and air temperature should be 18-25S. In rainy weather, can not open the windows, and on the floor to not accumulate pools of water, wash it need not damp cloth. If the water hits the floor could not be avoided, you should immediately wipe with a dry cloth.

Most flooring is covered with oil orwax. This protects the material from dirt and moisture, because the consistency of oils and waxes penetrate inside the wood, but on the surface of a solid protective film is not formed, so the floor can appear scratches or other signs of physical damage during rough handling with parquet.

Hold wet cleaning parquet oiled need to use special tools. It is recommended to dissolve in water and soaked rag should be very good pressing.

Sex with a waxy coating not be washed. Valid only dry cleaning. This is because the waxed floor can change color due to alkali reactions that occur upon contact with the soap solutions and other cleaners.

If floors are covered with varnish, I want to save themclean and beautiful shine for a long time. You can use special cleaning sprays, concentrates or ready-made liquid. Their neutral composition does not lead to the fact that the parquet surface will deteriorate. Just remember that very hot water can not wash parquet.

If you need to clean the parquet with a vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to have a special nozzle with felt to be to rub the floors, leaving scratches.

Even with the most careful care of parquet can wear. In this case it is recommended polishing and protective coating. This will help remove scuffs, microcracks and other defects.

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