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How to care for mirrors

How to care for mirrors

Mirrors not only give you a reflection of a favorite, they are able to visually increase the space in the apartment and well decorated interior of the premises.

Not just hang a mirror on the wall behind him and still need to be properly looked after.

You will need

  • - Cotton tryapka-
  • - Soft salfetka-
  • - onion-
  • - acetic
  • - a piece of chalk-
  • - Cleaner for mirrors and stekol-
  • - milk-
  • - Ultramarine blue.



Dirt, handprints - these are the main sources ofcontamination of the mirror surfaces. If time does not take care of the mirror, do not wipe it, then it will lose its shape and shine soon. Clean the mirror will be pleasing to the eye and will last for a long time your home. Traditional cleaning involves three main phases. The first thing you need to take a clean cloth and wipe off the mirror surface dust, then spray cleaner with alcohol and wipe. Finally, polish the mirror with a dry cloth. You can use special wipes that are impregnated with a detergent. By the way, soft paper copes with stains on the mirror and glass.


If the mirror is heavily contaminated, it should becook at home a miraculous structure. To do this, pour in a bowl two cups of hot water to the same send fifty grams of chalk and vinegar. Thoroughly stir up, let it stand for a while. Dampen a cloth in the prepared mixture and wash the mirror, then wipe with a cloth soaked in warm water. In the last step, wipe dry with a mirror. Make sure that during the washing of the chalk structure did not hit the frame or the back of the mirror.


To make the mirror shine, take a softcloth and soak in warm milk, wipe the mirror. Get rid of the stains on the mirror surface is possible with a strong vinegar solution. To make it, you need to mix a tablespoon of vinegar to a glass of water. To remove stains from the mirror flies, wipe it cut in half by the root, and then a cloth soaked in water with a small amount of ultramarine blue by. Finally, wipe the mirror a cotton cloth, it will be like new again.


Mirrors is very harmful as too dry andwet air. Therefore it is recommended to wipe them with a damp cloth in the cold season. The bathroom mirrors are subjected to steam and moisture, have to take care of them more often and more carefully. Clean the mirror in the bathroom every day. If excessive moisture it may become darker.


You can not hang aluminum mirrors in roomshigh humidity. Mirror surface of the cracked and steam osypletsya soon. And rebuild the shattered amalgam is very difficult. To give a decent view of the old mirror can be, if the paste to the back of the pieces of aluminum foil (in place of the damaged amalgam).

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