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How to care for rabbits Fold

How to care for rabbits Fold

Everyone has seen ordinary rabbit, but there is still decorative fold rabbits.

This breed was taken specifically for home detention.

Rabbit was the name of hanging ears, the length of which can reach more than 35 centimeters.

They are also called "rabbit-ram."

Fold is not shy, because of the limited hearingthey are not afraid of the slightest rustle. In the short-legged rabbit moves quickly, making a loud rapping on the floor legs. Flattened snout charms at first glance, it is very cute rabbits breed.
right care
Caring for these Krol is not too difficult. The cell will be houses for the rabbit, where he will spend most of the time. When you select a cell, pay attention to its size - there should be enough space for Autodrinking, sleep, manger with hay, tray toilet. Rabbits are active at night, during the day as sleep up to 17 hours, do not bother them at this time.
Everyday walks, proper nutrition,disease prevention - it's the key to successful content lop-eared pet. Feed choose variety: dried fruits, cereals, vegetables, cooked pasta, white crackers. The main component of the diet - is, of course, hay. An excellent appetite allows pets to grow rapidly, mature rabbit weighs more than two kilograms.
Daily Wash dressing tray, because FoldRabbits cleanly. Often it is not necessary to bathe them, they are self-combed fur. Nail Clipper shave claws. Follow these simple rules to animal home you constantly pleased.
Term life lop rabbits
The average duration of the rabbit life - 10 years. This largely depends on the organization of care. Protect your pet from stress, cold and drafts, excessive affection of children, poor quality food. Then you extend the life of these lop-eared rabbit!

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