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How to care for lop-eared rabbits


How to care for lop-eared rabbits</a>

Everyone saw ordinary rabbits, and there are also decorative lop-eared rabbits.

This breed was brought out specially for domestic maintenance.

Rabbit received this name for drooping ears, whose length can reach more than 35 centimeters.

They are also called "rabbit-ram".

Folds are not afraid, because of limited hearingThey do not fear the slightest rustle. On short legs, the rabbit moves quickly, making a loud tapping on the floor with the paws. The flattened muzzle fascinates at first sight, this is a very nice breed of rabbits.
Proper care
It is not so difficult to care for these rabbits. The cage will become a house for a rabbit, where he will spend most of the time. When choosing cells, pay attention to its size - there should be enough space for autopril, sleep, nursery with hay, toilet tray. Rabbits are active at night, while in the daytime they sleep until 5 pm, at this time do not disturb them.
Everyday walks, proper food,Prevention of disease is the key to the successful keeping of a lop-eared pet. Forage choose a variety: dried fruits, cereals, vegetables, boiled pasta, white crackers. The main component of the diet is, of course, hay. Excellent appetite allows pets to grow rapidly, an adult rabbit weighs more than two kilograms.
Daily wash the toilet tray, because the lop-earedRabbits are clean. Often they should not be bathed, they self-comb the fur. Cut off claws with claws. Adhere to these simple rules, so that the home animal always cheers you.
The life span of the lop-eared rabbits
The average life expectancy of a rabbit is 10 years. This largely depends on the organization of care for him. Protect your pet from stress, cold and drafts, excessive caresses of children, poor-quality food. Then you will extend the life of the rabbit rabbit!

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