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Care for lashes home

Care for lashes home

Not all women nature endowed with long and fluffy eyelashes.

With age, slowing the growth of eyelashes, they become lighter and more rare.

However, there are ways that can extend the beauty and appeal of your cilia.

Tragically, nature and longfluffy eyelashes awarded by no means all, and sometimes even newfangled carcasses can not afford to do the task. The length, thickness and density of the cilia is transferred to us at the genetic level of the parents.

The life cycle of each of the cilia has threephase: 2-3 weeks 4-7 weeks rosta- active at rest and last phase - the withering away. The life of each hair is on average three months, and to replace the dropped grows a new one. With age, this procedure slows down the cilia become lighter and more rare. Do not despair, take into service the following tips.

Proper nutrition

On the lack of vitamins (B, P, E and A) indicate rare andthin eyelashes. Therefore, the diet should include eggs, beef, fish, sour cream, vegetables, fruits and herbs. Also, it is useful to the seasonal use of vitamin complexes.

Herbal compresses

Useful gadgets become black tea and calendula, soaked in the broth sponzhiki must be applied to the eyes for half an hour.


Vaseline will help to keep moisture on the eyelashes, if you put it on the night.

Natural oils

Nourish lashes, you can use castoroil. Daily use of the oil for the night - and after a few weeks, the effect will exceed all your expectations. You can also use almond oil and burdock.

Pick carefully mascara

Pay attention to the carcass, it should contain the nutrients and vitamins.

Do not leave your makeup at night

If sleep with mascara on the eyelashes, it will lead to their brittleness, resulting in eyelashes become thin and short.

So simple rules can act any woman. Be healthy and beautiful!

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