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CARE for lacquered furniture


Care of lacquered furniture</a>

For dry cleaning for furniture, use soft napkins made of flannel, velvet, cloth or special polishing cloth made of cotton wool impregnated with wax.

Dust easily sticks to such a napkin, and furniture is covered with a thin layer of wax.

Napkins retain their properties after 3-4 washing in the washing machine.



Furniture, lacquered, in warm rooms should not be installed close to the balcony door or from frequently opened windows: due to the severe drying of the wood, the lacquer layer is covered with small cracks.


To avoid tarnish and cracks in the varnishSurface from the sun, apply a layer of wax on top that will absorb these rays. If this layer is still polished, it will add extra gloss to the furniture.


Spot from water on the varnished surfaceSprinkle with flour, and then with a piece of cotton wool soaked in vegetable oil, wipe until it disappears. Or polish the damaged area in a circular motion with a napkin moistened with a mixture of ethyl alcohol and vegetable oil.


On polished furniture very quickly settles the dust. Mix in a glass a little shampoo, antistatic, water and wipe the surface. Dust will be much less.


If you left a trace from a hot kettle orIron on a polished table, then take a piece of cotton wool, sprinkle with salt, soak it with vegetable oil and rub it in a circular motion until it disappears.


On old stains, apply a mixture of fine table salt and vegetable oil, after 4 hours brush it with a dry cloth and polish the surface with a woolen cloth.

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