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Care lacquered furniture

Care lacquered furniture

Dry cleaning of furniture, use soft cloth flannel, velvet, cloth or a special polishing cloth made of fluffy cotton material impregnated with wax.

Dust easily adheres to a napkin, and the furniture is covered with a thin layer of wax.

Napkins retain their properties after 3-4 washings in a washing machine.



Furniture covered with varnish, in warm areas, do not install close to the balcony door and often have openable windows: because of the strong dry wood lacquer layer is covered with small cracks.


To avoid dullness and cracks in the varnishthe surface of the sun, apply a top coat of wax, which will absorb the rays. If this layer is to polish more, it will add an additional furniture polish.


Water stains on the varnished surfacesprinkle with flour, and then a piece of cotton wool dipped in vegetable oil, wipe up failure. Or polish the damaged area in a circular motion cloth dampened with a mixture of ethanol and vegetable oil.


On the polished furniture very quickly dust settles. Mix in a glass of some shampoo, antistatic, water and wipe the surface of them. Dust will be much less.


If you have left a footprint on the hot kettle oriron on the polished table, take a piece of cotton, sprinkle table salt, moisten it with vegetable oil and then polish in a circular motion until the stain until it disappears.


For old stains, apply a mixture of fine salt and vegetable oil, 4 hours whisk it with a dry cloth and polish the surface of woolen cloth.

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