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How to care for household roses

How to care for household roses

Homemade roses - lovely copies of their horticultural relatives, who are among the most striking houseplants.

At the same time, they are very demanding conditions of detention, so each grower should know how to care for roses home.

If you purchased a home rose in the store, then,bringing it home, do not rush to transfer. The plant should get used to a new climate. This period may last for 1-2 weeks. Then you need to transplant the rose, trying not to destroy the earth com. The pot should be 3-5 cm above and 2-3 cm wider than the previous one.

Grooming rose home, it should be remembered thatland in the pot should always be slightly damp, but not wet. At the bottom of the pot must necessarily be drainage layer thickness of about 1 cm. Since Rose - photophilous plant, it should be placed on the south or south-east side. In the case of lack of light the plant can further illuminate the fluorescent light.

Before hibernation rose cut, leaving the stems with4-5 live buds and leaves. Dry flowers are cut. Propagation of these plants in March. Secateurs cut cutting length of about 15 cm and placed in warm water. A couple of weeks the roots should appear. Planting the cuttings should be about a month after pruning.

To home rose to feel better, to loosen the soil regularly. In the period of growth is necessary to carry out feeding the plants about once a week.

Home Roses susceptible to the same diseases asother houseplants. Particularly vulnerable they are in low humidity. If the plant is hit by botrytis or powdery mildew, it should be wiped with soda solution, removing infected leaves. Thus soda must not get into the soil.

In fact, how to care for roses home, there are many nuances, but the attentiveness and care of these plants will be rewarded with a scattering of gorgeous colors that will delight you all summer.

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