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How to care for honeysuckle, so that it will bear fruit


How to care for honeysuckle, so that it will bear fruit</a>

Honeysuckle - one of the earliest garden berries, ripens already in early June.

Usually gives a plentiful harvest. But sometimes it does not bear fruit year after year, although the bush is already big enough.

It is not difficult to take care of the honeysuckle so that it will bear fruit, experienced gardeners consider.

They are sure that a good harvest consists of three parts - the right choice of seedlings, competent planting and careful care.

The right choice of seedlings

It should be borne in mind that not all types of honeysuckleBelong to the edible, there are decorative varieties that are planted in the suburban areas as a living green hedge. Therefore, when choosing seedlings, be sure to check with the seller what sorts of varieties he put up for sale, how soon the plants will begin to bear fruit, what the yield of the varieties offered, etc.
Buy seedlings 2-3 years of age, thenThe first harvest you take off after 2 years. Be sure to check the sprigs of seedlings for healthy kidneys, flexibility (they should not break) and the overall integrity of the bark (they should not be damaged). However, insignificant peeling of the bark is permissible, this is one of the features of the plant, it is no accident that in some regions people called it "shameless."
When buying seedlings, pay attention to the roots: They must be sufficiently developed and massive, healthy even visually. If there are blackened or rotten roots, it is better to put such a sapling aside.

Competent honeysuckle planting

Before planting, prepare for honeysuckle notShaded area, protected from winds, with well-warmed fertile soil. In general, the lower branches of an adult plant like a shadow, but it is created naturally by the growth of a bush. If the fertility of the soil in your area does not matter, form it for honeysuckle specifically. In each hole in which you will plant a young bush, pour 2 buckets of compost, 1 kg of wood ash, 40-50 g of superphosphate and a little, literally 1-2 tablespoons, potassium fertilizer.
Mix all the ingredients togetherPour in a hole of water and directly into this fertile mixture plant a bush. Sprinkle on top of the ground, lightly knead and compact the soil with large sawdust, pine needles or straw. Day 3-4, do not water, the idea of ​​watering - as necessary (honeysuckle loves moisture, but does not tolerate waterlogged soil).

Care of honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is indiscriminate, it is little susceptibleDiseases, it is not very fond of pests. The main care for her consists in the autumn pruning of dry branches and branches growing toward the trunk (to avoid thickening the bush). In the spring, organic fertilizers should be placed under the bush, you can do this with the simultaneous loosening of the soil. At the very beginning of vegetation, it is hardly melted snow, it is good to feed honeysuckle with nitrogen fertilizer. Loosen the ground under the bush carefully; The root system is located close to the surface.
At the time of flowering and early fruiting, you canPour the bush with a solution of ash. Prepare it simply - stir in a bucket of water 1 liter of wood ash (how much is included in a liter jar). Although pests do not disturb honeysuckle, or are very rarely disturbed, it is still possible to treat the bush with "Eleksar" or "Inta-VIR" after the fruiting process.

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