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How to care for hair

How to care for hair

Proper care of woolen products and careful handling helps to increase the service life.

Give clothes of wool beautiful view and a long life, learn to take care of the natural material by yourself without spending money on trips to the dry cleaners.



Wool is used by man for thousandsyears. From it is prepared to create a yarn blankets, clothes, blankets, often used as a filler for blankets or pillows. Wool - absolutely natural, environmentally friendly material that has excellent warming properties. By the way, it has another unique feature - it can be cleaned independently. The fibers do not allow dust and dirt to linger, they seem to repel them. The lack of washing is essential for the conservation of these properties.


Hot water, improper drying and extraction arethe main enemies of wool. Such manipulations disastrous effect on the wool material. In case of severe contamination it is recommended to wash the product by hand, without the use of a washing machine. Water temperature should be 30C. Apply for washing wool delicate detergents designed for this type of material. It is strictly forbidden bleaches and solvents. Gently rinse the product, do not remove. Lightly press or blot with a towel (you can leave the thing in the sink to glass excess water).


Dry the woolen garment on a flat surfacestraightened form, completely exclude the impact of material on bright sunlight. If a woolen blanket, rug or cushion no visible dirt, and you simply want to refresh the product - timely ventilate thing on the balcony or in the yard. You do not need to perform this procedure at least once a year. Keep hair is recommended in low humidity conditions. Wool is impossible to stamp things, enough to lay them in a linen bag and put into a dry room. By following this simple advice, you give long life of your favorite things from wool.

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