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How to care for furniture

How to care for furniture

Upholstered furniture requires special care.

It must operate at temperatures below two degrees Celsius and at a relative humidity of 45 to 75%.

Do not place furniture close to windows, especially if blowing on them, and moisture sources. Do not move up the furniture and batteries - from extreme heat upholstered furniture too spoiled.

These are the basic recommendations on how to care for furniture.

A more detailed tips - below.



Acetone, benzene, alcohol - aggressive liquids, sothat display the dirt with their help is not necessary, even if you or someone else planted furniture grease stain. Do not trust the advice that grease stains can be displayed with the help of alcohol and solvents.


To clean the dust from furniture, it should beprocessing vacuum nozzles with special soft, sponge or clothes brush. After wet cleaning with a brush is necessary to "smooth" the pile to give it a single direction.


Regularly need to check components of threaded connections and tighten them if necessary. You should also watch out for cracks in the wood and possible rust.


Do not put furniture in the immediateoutside the box for another reason: direct sunlight contribute to the fading of fabric. If in another place the furniture does not work, you can still be covered with the help of curtains and special covers.


Small creases Zamin on the surface of the soft furnishings are removed by mild steam ironing. iron temperature should not exceed in this case 110 degrees Celsius.


How to clean the dirt from the furniture?
Grease stains appears so. Apply to the stain paper napkin. Then soak the sponge with soapy water and treat stains. Pile dry with a hair dryer, comb it with a dry sponge.
Ink stains, lipstick, coffee and white wine are displayed with a sponge soaked in a solution of mild soap. Then it is necessary to dry the fabric.
If spilled red wine, then sprinkle with salt affected area. After the wine is absorbed by the salt and dry, brush and vacuum clean.
From fruit juice spots will help the mixture of ammonia and vinegar.
From the spilled beer so we get rid: blot the liquid then apply a solution onto the stain bite in a proportion of 2 tablespoons. tablespoons per gallon of water.
A solution of ammonia also helps if the furniture contaminated blood stains.
All types of contaminants can be eliminated by using ordinary dishwashing detergents. Just do not let them dry out, add a lot of water and avoid direct blow-drying.

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