How to care for a carpet

How to care for a carpet</a>

To carpet longer pleased you, you need to look after it, as for any other thing.

But the carpet is a specific thing.

And there are many subtleties in how to properly operate and clean it.



A new carpet does not need to be vacuumed or shaken - it will only lose its appearance. The first three months of the carpet should be cleaned with a soft brush.


Do not lay carpets on the wet floor. And, of course, do not turn them into rolls - damage the finish. And that the carpet does not wear out, change its position. Try not to put chiffoniers, chests of drawers and other "voluminous furniture" on the carpet. And do not bend the edges of the carpet, if it does not fit somewhere. It is better to prune and correctly fix the edges.


To refresh the carpet, use a rag soaked in water with the addition of vinegar or brine sauerkraut.


Do not knock out the carpet, hanging it on the fence or throwing it through the clothesline. To knock out the carpet, use only very hard punching.


To prevent the mat from slipping, you need to attach rubber gaskets to its inner surface. Well, or a radical way - to nail the carpet to the floor (true, this advice is appropriate only in the country or in the shed ...)

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