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How to care for carpet

How to care for carpet

To the carpet longer to please you, you need to take care of him, as for any other thing.

But the carpet - is something special.

And there are a lot of subtleties in how to operate it properly and clean.



New carpet is not necessary to vacuum or shake - it just kind of lose. The first three months is recommended to clean the carpet with a soft brush.


Do not lay carpets on the wet floor. And, of course, do not turn them into rolls - appreturu damage. And the carpet is not zanashivalsya, change its position. Try not to put on the carpet wardrobes, dressers and other "bulk furniture." And do not buckle edge of the mat, if somewhere does not fit. It is better to prune and correctly fasten the edges.


To freshen the carpet, use a cloth soaked in water with vinegar or brine sauerkraut.


No need to knock the carpet, hung it on the fence, or slung over a clothesline. To knock the carpet, use only very solid beater.


To pad does not slide, you need to attach to the inner surface of the rubber gaskets. Well, or a radical way - to nail the carpet to the floor (although this advice is only relevant in the country or in the barn ...)

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