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How to care for wavy parrots


How to care for wavy parrots

Wavy parrots are the most common domestic feathered pets.

Good adaptation to captivity, bright plumage and unpretentiousness in food have earned parrots a good reputation.

But, nevertheless, wavy parrots need proper care.



If a wavy parrot has appeared in your house,It is necessary to properly equip the cell. It should have at least two perches of solid wood, a drinking bowl, a feeder and a bathing container. Hang special rings on which the feathered pet will swing. The bottom of the cage should be retractable, so it will be easier for you to clean it (clean the cage daily, wash - once a week). A cage with a bird should be located further away from the sun and drafts. Keep the parrot away from the computer, provide for the pet the opportunity to hide from bright rays in the shade.

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It is desirable that the feeder and the drinking bowl should beMade of porcelain or glass. Water for parrots should be defended beforehand, so that chlorine escapes, then just pour it into the drinking bowl. Change the water you need every day, in the warm season - twice a day. In spring and autumn, it is recommended to add three drops of fresh lemon juice to the drinker, which helps to strengthen the feather cover and disinfect water. Every day, wash the drinking bowl and feeder with hot water with baking soda, wipe dry.

Parrot wavy pregnancy


The food of a wavy parrot should beBalanced, so you should put in the cage several feeders (for grain, fresh fruits and vegetables). One adult parrot is enough on the day of two teaspoons of a grain mixture, which consists mainly of oats, millet, canary seed, sunflower seeds. You can give feather porridge cooked on the water, salad, fresh greens, cottage cheese, sprouted cereals. To satisfy the body of the bird in the protein, give the pet a finely chopped chicken egg. To ensure a good digestion process, the parakeet needs pure river sand without different impurities.

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Parrots constantly eat something, so you needTo put in a cage fresh branches of mountain ash, linden and other deciduous trees. In the kidneys and bark of fresh branches contains many minerals and vitamins, which are very useful for winged pets. Before you put the branches in a cage, carefully wash them and beat them several times with boiling water.

Beak of a corrugated parrot

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