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How to care for budgies

How to care for budgies

Wavy parrots are the most common household feathered pets.

Good adaptation to captivity, bright plumage and simplicity in eating parrots have earned a good reputation.

But, nevertheless, budgies require proper care.



If your house has appeared budgie,cage should be equipped properly. There should be at least two perches of sturdy wood species, drinkers, feeders, and the capacity for swimming. Hang a special ring, which feathered pet will wobble. The bottom of the cage to be retractable, so it will be easier to clean it (clean the cage every day you must wash - once a week). Bird cages should be located farther away from the sun and drafts. Keep your parrot away from the computer, provide an opportunity for the pet to hide from the bright rays into the shadow.

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It is desirable that feeders and waterers weremade of porcelain or glass. Water for parrots better pre defend to chlorine evaporated, then just pour it into a water bottle. Change the water needed daily in the warmer months - twice a day. In spring and autumn it is recommended to add water bowl three drops of fresh lemon juice, which strengthens the pen cover and disinfects water. Every day, wash water bottle and feeder with hot water and baking soda, wipe dry.

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Power budgerigar should bebalanced, so you should put into the cage several feeders (for grains, fresh fruits and vegetables). One adult per day is sufficient parrot two teaspoons of the cereal mixture, which consists essentially of oats, millet, canary seed, sunflower seed. You can give feathered porridge, cooked in water, salad, fresh herbs, cheese, sprouted grains. To satisfy the birds body protein, let's favorite finely chopped egg. To ensure good digestive process parrot needs a clean river sand without impurities different.

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Parrots always something to chew, so you shouldplaced in the cage fresh branches of mountain ash, linden and other deciduous trees. In the kidney cortex and fresh twigs contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, which are very useful winged pets. Before you place the branches in the cage, thoroughly clean them and pour over boiling water several times.

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