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How to care for British Lop-Ear

The Scots require special care. But in return they will give you my unconditional love

Breed cat British fold does not exist. Fold are Scots.

They have a characteristic different from the fellow in the structure of the body, and to care for.

What is the difference between the British and Scottish cat

milk for kittens British
It is worth noting that the British fold happens. Under this name often involve scottish fold or Scottish Fold (Scottish Fold). British Shorthair breed exists only with straight ears.
how many years can be paired Scottish Fold
British fold cat can give birthdue to the mating of the two above-mentioned species, but this kitten loses its porodistost and may have a serious illness. A pure breed, though the similarities are due to the characteristics of the organism have different specifics care.
the age at which you can knit Scottish cat
First you need to figure out who is who. Apart from the shape of ears, these rocks are a few differences:
how to make the British
- Britons are medium or large muscular body on strong stocky legs, the Scots easier and elongated and slender skeleton lapy-
- The head of the representatives of the British breed large, round on a strong, short neck and massive jaws, the Scots cheeks less razvity-
- British tail is short and thick, and the Scots - flexible, tapering to the tip.
british pairing

Scottish Lop-Ear Care

Teach your pet to preventive procedures since childhood. In this case, he will get used to, and it will be easy to take care of him.
Eyes kitten should always be inspected and cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in water as needed. For each eye using different cotton swabs.
To consult a veterinarian if you notice tears brown hue liberated third eyelid, as well as if the cat often rubs his eyes, squinting.
Short-haired cats should be combed once a week, and long-haired - every day. It is worth noting that the British, unlike the Scots, like brushing against the grain.
Bathing often runs quietly if to accustom your pet to it since childhood. Do this as needed: when the cat badly stained, there were fleas and dandruff.
Ears Lop-Ear Scots should be cleaned once every twoweek with a cotton swab dipped in a special liquid for the ears. If you notice that the pet is constantly scratching his ears and shakes his head - check it and when it detects a dark brown plaque or tick consult a doctor.
Nails should be trimmed to 1-2 mm special kogterezki. For forepaws procedure is done twice a month, for the rear - one. Be careful - do not damage the blood vessel claw.

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