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How to care for a Fold British


Scots require special care. But in return they will give you their boundless love</a>

Cat breeds British lop-eared does not exist. The Scots are Scythians.

They have distinctive differences from their brethren both in the structure of the organism and in care.

What is the difference between a British and a Scottish cat

Milk for kittens britsev
It is worth noting that the Fold of the British does not happen. Under this name is often meant the Scottish Fold cat or Scottish Fold (Scottish Fold). British shorthair breed exists only with straight ears.
At what age can you mate the Scottish Fold
Lop-eared British cat can be bornBecause of the mating of the two above mentioned species, but this kitten loses its pedigree and can have serious diseases. And pure breeds though have similarity, because of features of an organism have different specificity of leaving.
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First you need to figure out who is who. In addition to the shape of the auricles, these breeds have several more differences:
How to reduce the British
- the British are distinguished by an average or large muscular body on strong squat feet, the Scots have a lighter and elongated skeleton and slender paws-
- the head of the representatives of the British breed is large, round on a strong, short neck and with massive cheeks, the Scotch cheeks are less developed-
- the tail of the British is short and thick, and the Scots have a flexible, tapering to the tip.
British Shorthair Mating

Care for the Fold of Scotland

Accustom your pet to preventive procedures from childhood. In this case, he will get used to, and you will easily take care of him.
The kitten's eyes should be constantly inspected and wiped with cotton wool soaked in water as needed. For each eye use different cotton swabs.
The veterinarian should be consulted if you notice tears of a brown shade, a third eyelid that stands out, and if the cat often rubs his eyes, he blinks.
Short-haired cats should be combed once a week, and long-haired - every day. It is worth noting that the British, unlike the Scots, love combing against wool.
Bathing most often goes quietly, if you accustom your pet to this since childhood. Do this as necessary: ​​when the cat has become very dirty, fleas or dandruff have appeared.
Ears Folders Scots need to be cleaned every twoWeeks using a cotton swab soaked in a special liquid for the ears. If you notice that the pet is constantly scratching his ears and shaking his head - look at it and if you find a dark brown plaque or mite, see a doctor.
Claws should be cut by 1-2 mm with special claws. For the forepaws, do the procedure twice a month, for the rear - one. Be careful - do not damage the clitoral blood vessel.

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