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How to care for bonsai


How to care for bonsai</a>

Bonsai is the ancient Chinese art of growing exact copies of trees in miniature.

Typically, to grow such a bonsai requires a lot of patience.

Let's talk about caring for bonsai.



As you know, bonsai roots do not like an overabundanceOf moisture. Hence it follows that in no case can it be left for a long time in a pallet in which there is water. Conversely, if the soil of the plant is dry, then it should be left in such a tray to absorb water.


Also, bonsai should be regularly sprayed,Because the home air is very dry for him. This can be done with a spray gun. Just do not try to do this procedure in the sun. So the leaves of the tree will get burned.


If bonsai grows in your street, then withThe onset of cold weather should not be brought home. Sharp temperature changes can affect it very badly, up to the violation of the development cycle. To protect the roots of the tree, it is necessary to wrap the pot with foam or dry grass. With this simple procedure you will save your plant. After the frost has receded, this "warming" should be removed. Do not be discouraged if you do not have time to insulate the bonsai. As you know, snow is a natural, so to speak, heater. Only in this case it is necessary to shake off the snow from the branches, so that it does not break them.


This plant, like many others, lovesTop dressing. Especially it is necessary when the bonsai comes a period of growth. Fertilize it should be 6 weeks after the transplant until the fall. Most often used liquid top dressing, which is used for indoor plants.


The most favorable time for transplanting thisPlants are early spring. First, it must be done 1 time in 2 years, then every 5 years. Remember that when transplanting, you must always change the old soil to a new one and trim the roots by about 1/3.


The most difficult, in my opinion, is care forCrown of a bonsai. To maintain a certain shape of the crown, you need to pinch the bonsai throughout the growing period of the plant. It is best to trim the tree when winter ends.
Patience will be rewarded with the beauty of bonsai!

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