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How to care for bonsai

How to care for bonsai

Bonsai - is an ancient Chinese art replicas to grow the trees in miniature.

As a general rule, in order to grow a bonsai tree will require a lot of patience.

Talk about caring for bonsai.



As you know, the roots of a bonsai is not an overabundance of lovemoisture. It follows that it is by no means impossible for a long time left in the pan, where there is water. Conversely, if the ground is dry the plant, it must be kept in such a pallet in order to absorb the water.


Just bonsai should be regularly sprayed,because home air it is very dry. This can be done with a spray gun. Just do not try to do this procedure in the sun. So the tree leaves get burned.


If you grow bonsai in the street, thenonset of cold weather should not bring it home. Sudden temperature changes can affect him very badly, until the violations of the development cycle. To protect the roots of a tree, you must wrap the pot foam or dry grass. With this simple procedure, you save your plant. this "insulation" should be removed after frost will retreat,. Do not worry if you do not have time to warm bonsai. As you know, the snow is a natural, so to speak, a heater. Only in this case should be to shake the snow from the branches, so that he did not broke.


This plant, like many others, lovefeeding. It is especially necessary when the bonsai comes from the period of growth. Fertilize it should be 6 weeks after the transplant before the autumn. The most commonly used liquid fertilizer, which is used for indoor plants.


The most favorable time for transplantation ofplants - is an early spring. First it is necessary to do one time in 2 years, then every 5 years. Remember that when you transplant it is necessary to change the old to the new soil and crop roots about 1/3.


The most difficult part, in my opinion, is the carecrown bonsai. To maintain a certain shape of the crown you need to pinch bonsai throughout the growth period of the plant. It is best to cut the tree when winter ends.
Patience will be rewarded by the beauty of bonsai!

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