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How to care for bokarneey

How to care for bokarneey

Bokarneya - a very interesting plant with long, narrow leaves, lush fountain rising above the barrel-base.

In favorable conditions the plant grows up to six meters in height, but even less impressive specimens look very decorative.

To bokarneya felt good, her need to care, observing the rules of lighting, watering and feeding.

Bokarneya: what it is

The plant belongs to the family of agave, ithomeland - semi-deserts of Mexico. Due to the peculiar appearance bokarneyu also called "elephant foot" or "pony tail". Adult plant is very decorative and resembles a tree-bonsai. Long remnevidnye leaves may fall to the edges of the pot, swollen base of the bulb is pulled like a barrel. Bokarneya does not require the formation or haircut - its unusual appearance, it takes on its own.
The easiest way to buy an adult, already generated copy. Propagated by seeds or bokarneya processes, but at home they take root poorly.

Features of cultivation

Bokarneya refers to dekorativnolistnyh plants. Unlike flowering species, it remains attractive throughout the year without the need for manipulation of the transplant to the garden, shading or forced hibernation in a cool place.
The plant will enjoy not only experienced, but alsobeginner gardeners. Submit it can be in any suitable size pot, the soil is preferred moderately light containing equal parts humus, clay soil and sand. Base bokarnei should not be covered with earth. Transplanted plants as needed, every three to four years. This is best done in the spring, handling method in a larger pot.
Flower does not like too hot room - hisbetter to place away from the battery. At the same time to humidity bokarneya undemanding - it does not need a room humidifier or constant spraying. With basal base plant regulates moisture, so quietly tolerate missed watering. But pereuvlazhnyat soil is not necessary in order to avoid mildew and botrytis. If a flower is growing too slowly, it is possible to feed the complex mineral fertilizers, but it should be not too often.
Check the condition of the plant's leaves. If they turn yellow and fall off, watering should be increased. Whitish filaments on the leaves represent the appearance of spider mites. Spray the leaves with a solution to kill parasites, or simply water. Sluggish, falling leaves indicate a lack of light or over-wetting the soil.
The only bokarnei whim, which isto take into account - demanding to light. The plant is best placed on the south, southeast or southwest window. It is desirable that a portion of the day at the flower exposed to direct sunlight. The temperature should be moderate, in the winter the plant must be protected from drafts.

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