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How to care for a water turtle


How to care for a water turtle</a>

The tortoise is the quietest and quietest pet. However, her invisibility does not mean that she needs less attention and care.

To properly care for a turtle, you need to carefully study several rules.

What to feed the turtle?

The water turtle is a seemingly innocuous creature, but it is the most real predator. Therefore, it must be fed with animal food.
How to care for and feed the amphibian Caspian tortoise
Basically, water turtles are fed by differentInsects, earthworms and snails - all this can be bought at any pet store. At least once a week the animal needs to be given meat. It is better to find out what kind of meat your turtle prefers. Some turtles are happy to eat beef, others like chicken meat, but no representative will refuse the fish. Fish should be pre-cooked and cleaned from small bones so that the turtle's body can easily digest food.
How to feed red-bellied turtles
It is desirable to vitaminize the food. It is especially useful for water turtles of calcium, which can be given once a week.
How to feed a sea turtle
With age, turtles move to "vegetarianDiet ". Therefore, the older the animal, the more often it is necessary to add different vegetation, in particular algae, to the diet. Also depends on age, how often you need to feed the turtle. Young people need daily meals, and adults have enough food for three days.
How to feed a sea turtle

"Interior" of the aquarium

Although the turtles spend most of their timeLife in the water, they still need land to dry. Therefore, in the aquarium must necessarily be an "island" with a lamp that will warm the area of ​​the hill. This "island", as well as the entire soil, should consist of sand or gravel.
How to care for marine red-bellied turtles?
Be careful, turtles are childishly curious,All that is in their reach zone, be sure to be tried on the tooth. Therefore, make sure that the "grains" of the soil are large, larger than the head of the turtle. Hence it follows that it is useless for the turtles to colonize other inhabitants: fish and plants.
In the aquarium it is necessary to maintain a constantA temperature of 25 ° C, changing the water every month (provided that the filter is installed). It is advisable to have thermometers that will give you information about the temperature. Note that turtles can only feel comfortable in a large aquarium, so before you buy an animal, take care of it.


Before you decide to start a turtle at home, think about the fact that this is one of those few animals that can survive for a few years.
The average life expectancy of a turtle is about100 years. There are cases when turtles survived to 300 years. But at home everything is, of course, different. Water turtles with good care are able to live up to 40 years.

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