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How to care for a water turtle

How to care for a water turtle

Turtle - the most peaceful and quiet pet. However, its invisibility did not say that it needs less attention and care.

To properly care for the turtle, a few rules need to be carefully examined.

What to feed a turtle?

Water turtle - the type of harmless creature, but it is a real predator. Therefore, it is necessary to feed the animal food.
how to look and what to feed amphibious Caspian Turtle
Basically, water turtles feed differentinsects, earthworms and snails - all these can be purchased at any pet store. At least once a week should be given to the animal meat. It is better to find out what your turtle prefers meat. Some turtles are happy to eat beef, other meats like chicken, but none the representative will not give up the fish. The fish is desirable to pre-cook and clean from small bones, so that the body turtle could easily digest food.
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Food is desirable to enrich. Especially useful water turtles calcium, which can be given once a week.
how to feed a sea turtle
With age, the turtles go to the "vegetariandiet. " Therefore, the older the animal, the more often in the diet is to add varying vegetation in particular algae. Also it depends on the age, how often to feed the turtle. The young need to daily nutrition and adult enough food for three days.
how to feed a sea turtle

"Interior" aquarium

Although turtles spend most of theirlife in the water, the land they still need. It must therefore be in the aquarium "island" with a lamp that will warm the area of ​​the hill. This "island", and indeed the whole ground, should consist of sand or gravel.
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Be careful, bug childish curiosity,all that is in their reach area, is sure to be tried out on the tooth. Therefore, make sure that the "grain" of soil were big, big turtle's head. Hence it follows that to the turtles useless podselyat other inhabitants: fish and plants.
In the aquarium, you need to maintain a constanttemperature 25 ° C, changing the water every month (assuming that the filter is installed). It is desirable to have a thermometer, which will give you information about the temperature. Note that the turtle can feel comfortable only in a large aquarium, so before purchasing a pet, take care of it.


Before you decide to start a home bug, think about the fact that this is one of the few animals that can survive for several years, man.
The average length of the lives of about turtles100 years. There are cases when the turtle survived up to 300 years. But at home all, of course, different. Water bugs with good care can live up to 40 years.

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