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How to take care of a puppy


How to take care of a puppy</a>

Taking care of a small puppy is not an easy task, it needs to be trained, fed, walked, regularly shown to a veterinarian and much more.

But all these efforts will pay off, becauseYou will be a faithful and loyal friend who will love and protect you, and if you properly educate your dog, in the future it will not give you any trouble.

You will need

  • A mat for a puppy's sleeping place, a collar, a leash, a muzzle, bowls for food and water, a balanced diet, toys, bones for teeth.



Little puppies are very curious, and in the period,When their teeth are chopped, they are able to start gnawing everything, so it is necessary to remove all the wires to inaccessible height, close the shoes in the closet, lock the utility rooms and garbage cans. In addition, try not to scatter on the floor of small items and things, until you accustom the puppy not to spoil everything.

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Raising a small pet should startTo deal with the first days of his appearance in the house. To do this you will need a lot of patience and a few tips from experienced dog handlers, which can be found in books on training or on the Internet. If you doubt your own abilities, give the puppy to a special school for dogs, there they will teach him all the necessary skills.

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Take care of the residence of your ward, it should be comfortable and away from drafts and heaters. The puppy must get used to his place and learn to fall asleep on it.


Provide the pet with a balanced diet, inThe diet should include vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats in sufficient quantities for normal development and growth. Be sure to include in the menu meat, cereals, dairy products and vegetables. There is also a ready food, specially developed for puppies, it already contains all the necessary elements of nutrition, but it is not necessary to feed the baby only to them. Animals, like humans, need a variety in food, and in addition, for normal development of teeth puppies need to gnaw firm bones.

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Do not forget about the hygiene of the animal. Puppy should be wiped eyes and ears with a damp cloth, regularly bathe in warm water with a special shampoo, comb. Especially carefully watch the pet's teeth, do not allow the appearance of tartar and yellow plaque, get toys and bones in the pet store to care for the oral cavity of the dog.

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Daily walks of the puppy should be frequent andIt is necessary not only for hygiene purposes, but also for ensuring normal physical activity, without which the dog can not grow up healthy. Puppy at the age of up to one year should be taken out to the street at least four times a day.


From time to time, show the pet to the veterinarian to make sure there are no diseases and deviations in development. Be sure to put all the necessary vaccinations.

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