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How to care for a kitten

How to care for a kitten

If you love cats and have decided to get a kitten, thenyou must learn how to properly take care of him, so the pet does not suffer and could bring a lot of joy. Caring for the little creature - it's always a great responsibility to this case should be treated seriously and competently.

Arm yourself with expert advice, and you will become a good host for a kitten and a loyal friend.

You will need

  • Cat house, cat tray filler tray, a water bowl, a bowl for food, special food, toys, cat scratching posts.



Before you bring a pet home,buy all the necessary items for feeding, games, toilet and relaxation pet. If you want the kitten was sharpening his claws on your furniture, buy a dedicated cat scratching post.

Which vaccinations should be done kitten


For the first time, limit the place of staytoddler one room, in which there are no drafts and large holes, where it may become jammed. It is necessary to ensure that pet gradually adapt to the new housing, accustomed to you and the environment mastered first small and then the whole territory of your apartment.

Which vaccinations should be done kitten


To accustom a kitten to the toilet, start on the same day,to avoid problems in the future. Place the tray in a conspicuous place and pour into it the filler, which is used to the kitten. If it is the first time went by, dip in a puddle of toilet paper and put it in the filler. Do not poke his nose in the urine kitten, better try to notice when it's going to urinate again, and quickly plant a pet in the tray.

How to make cat food


Feed the kitten in the early days, it is desirable in the samefood that the previous owners in the future, try to make a plan with a full varied and balanced diet. Do not limit feeding only prepared cat food, kid's diet should include dairy and meat products, eggs, fish, cereals and vegetables a bit, which can be replaced with a special grass from a pet store. Do not feed your pet from the table, as it is harmful have a lot of salt and spices. In a separate bowl should always be fresh water to drink kitten could at any time.

cartoons how to care for dogs and cats


feeding frequency depends on the age of the kitten. Animal feeds under 3 months 6 or 7 times a day. If it for 3 to 4 months, then 5-6 times. Kitten from 4 to 6 months, it is desirable to feed 4 times a day. 6-9-month pet feed about 3-4 times. At the age of 9 months to a year can translate to 2-3 meals a day.


Be sure to go with a kitten to the vet andput all vaccinations. If necessary, before the procedure to receive medical treatment and spend the animal deworming, since you can only vaccinate healthy pet. The first vaccinations are already at the age of 2-3 months, try not to miss the deadline.


Bathe small kittens only in the case of a strongcontamination. Use the special gentle shampoo from the pet store and a shallow bath of warm water. The head without the need to not wash, wash and if still need to close the ears with cotton swabs. After bathing, dry your kitten with a towel and leave it in a room without drafts until dry.

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