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How to care for a hamster


How to care for a hamster</a>

Hamsters are real lumps of joy.

They are amusing, funny and contrary to beliefs, very clean.

Buying a hamster is a responsibility, you must understand that this animal is completely in your power and therefore caring for it is your first task.

Hamsters are kept in an aquarium or cage. Both can be bought at a pet store. There you can also buy sawdust and special fillers. Cell development is an important point. If you want your pet to be comfortable & nbsp- take care of the water bowl, the feeder and a sufficient number of all kinds of straw, from which the hamster will build a nest. Today, pet stores offer ready-made & laquo-houses & raquo- for hamsters, but practice shows that animals rarely want to live in them. Much more often they dismantle them for spare parts and build themselves a laquo-housing & raquo- themselves.

Hamster & ndash- the animal is disciplined andTo take care of a hamster is also necessary in a certain order. Your pet will conditionally divide the whole territory of the cell into zones. In one corner there will be a toilet, it will have to be cleaned every day, otherwise the smell will be amazing. In the other corner there will be a nest, and next to the mountain of sawdust will be a pantry. Pantry, this is a very important place. In no case can you get food out of the pantry and take it. You run the risk of causing stress to the animal.

The cage needs to be cleaned once in three to five days. The toilet, as already said, every day. During cleaning, move the hamster to a jar or a walking ball. Restoring the sawdust is not completely necessary, leave a third of the old flooring and add two thirds of the fresh floor. You can wash the cage by specialized means, or water with salt, soda. Once a week, you should definitely wash the drinker. Drink a toilet with water simply, otherwise you risk poisoning a hamster. Change the drinker every month, this is the guarantee of your hamster's health.

Concerning feeding, the question is ambiguous. The hamster will ask to eat all the time, it is inherent in its nature. You need to develop a plan and in accordance with it to feed the hamster. In addition to feed, you can give raw vegetables and special & laquo-kozinaki & raquo- from cereals.

The hamster you need to bathe rarely. These animals themselves cope with cleaning their skins. However, for prevention, you can put a hamster bath with sand, which will cause delight. In addition, there are special means for caring for hamsters, however, reviews about them are not unambiguous.

In general, you just need to look after a hamster,Follow his activity and weight, for how he eats and drinks. Soon you will get used to his habits and start to notice if something will bother your pet.

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