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Caring for fur chinchilla

Chinchilla fur is very beautiful, soft and pleasant to the touch, but it requires a very accurate and careful handling.

With the right care product of this fur will be a long time to have the original appearance and pleasing to the eye.

It is not advisable to expose the impact of furmoisture, so try not to wear such clothes at high humidity, it can ruin the kind of thing vekshny chinchilla. If it was not possible to avoid the wet, dry the product in a horizontal position at room temperature and shake well.
Chinchilla fur negatively react to any sources of heat, so avoid walking in such a thing on a sunny day, not dry the hair dryer and never iron ironed or even through the fabric from the inside.
From time to time brush the product a special brush, especially when dirty or before being placed in the cabinet for long term storage.
In the wardrobe of fur must not touch other items. Provide ample space furry things in the closet, to ensure good air circulation.
For protection from moths naphthalene wrap in a thin cloth and put it in the pockets of the product, changing antimolevy drug once every few months.
If the clothes from chinchilla fur a long time kept in the wardrobe, and sometimes hang out her balcony "breathe."
That's all the secrets of "longevity" of your stuff from the chinchilla.

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