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How to care for beard

How to take care of the beard

Care for the beard is often ignored by many men. Meanwhile, such care is important not only to preserve its appearance, but also for the general hygiene person.

Properly care for the beard is not so difficult, it is only necessary to regularly perform some simple procedures.



If you decide to wear a beard, you know,a length and shape it should be. Cut the time it does not prevent any unwanted hair. If you want to grow a beard only in the person who regularly shave his neck. In the process of cutting and edging beard, comb it down, while paying attention to the fact that the shedding of hair growth was flat.


A very important step in the care of the beard is itswashing. Try to keep the beard clean as possible, otherwise the skin of the face can be covered with pimples. Twice a day, wash your face with soap (in the morning and at bedtime). Your task - to save his beard from various fats that accumulate on it during the day. Carefully wipe the face after each washing beard on it should not be wet. Use only clean, dry towels.


Use a shaving lotion after everyshaving and washing. They will help you to sterilize the skin, tighten pores on its surface, as well as moisturize it. Study the composition of lotions before using them. Stay away from the media, including a large number of chemicals, the less the ingredients they contain, the better. Choose lotions smell, which highlights your masculinity (cedar, juniper, sandalwood, etc.).


Use the special natural oilsCare beard. Apply on the face a few drops of the liquid and slowly rub it on the entire length of the beard. Such oils often used by people with weak hair, heavily exposed to external stimuli. However, their use can any man, wearing a beard, it will help maintain the health of hair and make soft beard. Also contained in these oils substances make active work the hair follicles, thereby stimulating hair growth. These oils are also able to keep his beard from appearing on her dandruff, hair and reduce oiliness. Try not to use funds on the basis of olive oil, they are poorly absorbed into the skin. The best choice would be almond oil, jojoba or avocado.


For the care of the beard can also usewax. The use of wax is very useful for the regulation of hair growth. This is especially important if you want to have a very long beard and mustache, but did not want to have a dense vegetation directly below the lower lip or in any other part of the face. Having put on the skin a small amount of wax, you can control the direction and areas of hair growth.

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